Sunday, November 20, 2022

College Hoops 3rd Best Conference History - Big 12

Amazing that a conference as dominant as the Big 12 could in turn be so dominated by one team. Kansas record streak of 14 consecutive titles finally ended in 2019. That year Iowa State won the tournament title after Texas Tech won the regular season title and then just missed the National Title.

However, from Wilt Chamberlain in 1957, to Paul Pierce in 1997 and Mario Chalmers in 2008 - three of the top six teams are from Kansas and those teams have combined for a 17-7 mark with a 5.5 rating, the third best in the game.

When you consider that Texas Tech team, Baylor's dominant 2021 national champs, and Wayman Tisdale's 1985 Sooners are the others in the Top 6, you can see the top six is tough to beat.

The 2008 national champs from Kansas ranked 2nd in the game with a 15.2 currently, but that is a bit suspect. In typical Kansas fashion they rolled up huge margins of victory against the other 21st century Big 12 teams to pass shoot up through the rankings.

Note I do list Danny Ainge's Brigham Young team with the Big 12 teams rather than in the "other" grouping since they are joining the Big 12. I did not include the American Athletic Conference teams that are moving to the Big 12 since they are in a conference list I include.

RnkGreat TeamYearKey Player             W   L   Pts   Allow  Rate
 Top 6 Big 12  17774.168.35.5
1Kansas2008Mario Chalmers5174.756.015.2
2Kansas1997Paul Pierce3075.360.310.1
3Baylor2021Jared Butler2286.078.57.1
4Oklahoma1985Wayman Tisdale3175.373.81.9
5Texas Tech2019Jarrett Culver3265.667.20.3
6Kansas1957Wilt Chamberlain1167.574.0-1.5
7Oklahoma St.2004John Lucas1368.871.0-3.1
8Kansas St.2008Michael Beasley1175.075.5-3.3
9Oklahoma2016Buddy Hield1360.367.3-4.4
10West Virginia2010Kevin Jones1370.376.0-4.6
11Oklahoma St.1946Bob Kurland0180.082.0-5.0
12Texas2003T.J. Ford1268.776.3-5.3
13Kansas1988Danny Manning0158.067.0-7.6
14West Virginia1959Jerry West0168.069.0-8.4
15Brigham Young1981Danny Ainge0167.077.0-8.6

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