Friday, November 4, 2022

Batters Cards Updated from Great Teams - Ty Cobb Card as Example

We are on the verge of switching our focus to Value Add Basketball Game, but want to leave all with corrected Great 60 teams of all time - and the batters are now updated here.

Worked the kinks out, and now have 13-23 batters for all 60 great teams. For any fellow stat nerds out there, the actual formulas and process on this link and you can even add new players with stats to calculate their cards at the bottom of the list.

For our example to explain what is on each card, we will use the new 1909 Detroit Tigers' card for Ty Cobb. The notes explain each of the columns.

TeamDetroit TigersTy Cobb played for the Detroit Tigers
Year1909This card is part of the set for the 1909 Tigers team based on stats that year
Pos OF - SWe list the players position, and if they were a starter like Cobb (S) or reserve (R).
NameTy Cobb*In addition to Ty Cobb's name, * indicates he batted left-handed, while # would mean switch hitter.
1b35On the 11-88 random number cards, anything from 11 to the 35 is a single. If the number ends in 1 or 2 the batter pulls the pitch, 3 or 4 hits to left (1B7), 5 or 6 to CF, 7 or 8 to RF.
2b43Starting with the number just above the singles (a 36) up to this number, a 43, Cobb hits a double and use same rules for single on which field.
3b45Likewise from 44 to 45 Cobb his a triple, but all triples are considered hit to centerfield in Statis-Pro.
HR47A 46 or 47 is a home run.
Deep52A 48 to 52 is a deep drive and must check the home team to see if it is a home run or deep drive on the next 11-88 number.
K Cobb has no strikeouts on his card, but can strikeout if the action is on the pitcher's card.
W Cobb also does not walk on his own card, only hits.
HPB53Cobb is hit by a pitch only on a 53, since that is the next number after the previous number of 52 above.
Out88The batter is always OUT on any number higher than the highest number above - so 54-88 he is out.
BA0.377The batting average of .377 that year is just given for reference.
OPS0.947While Cobb's .947 OPS is excellent, but if a dead ball player like him hits in a live ball era, his OPS will be about .120 higher, so 1.067.
Add to 11-880This number is usually 0, but if a player get a great card based on few plate appearances, then a number will appear her that must be added to the RN, so if a 4 was here, a 32 would become a 36.
OBR/SPAAACobb has the highest possible steal rating of AAA, with the next best being AA, A, B,C, D and finally a player can never steal with an E. We use this for OBR as well, though that only goes up to A.
SacAA+The normal sacrifice bunt rating is AA, BB, CC or DD, but if a player was very fast and a great bunter, we use an AA+ that plays as an AA on the bunt chart, but he is safe on a single on 11-24.
H&R2Cobb has the best Hit & Run rating of 2.
BatsLNCobb is a left-handed normal batter with 2 home run numbers. Any player with at least 3 home run numbers is considered a Power hitter instead of normal.
Cht12/88Against left-handed pitchers, change and 11 or 12 on Cobb's card or the pitcher's card to a strikeout. Against right-handed pitchers change an 88 to a single with runners advancing 2 bases.

After playing some games and being short on pinch hitters, I was able to add enough players so that every team has at least 13 batters (Honus Wagner's Pittsburgh Pirates) and as many as 23 batters (Hank Aaron's 1957 Milwaukee Braves). 

The players we have with just a few at bats received a weak batting card on which an "18" is a homer, but still a step up if pinch hitting for a standard pitcher's hitting card which only has singles from 11-14. 

Anaheim Angels200220
Arizona Diamondbacks200119
Atlanta Braves199521
Baltimore Orioles197020
Baltimore Orioles198322
Boston Braves191419
Boston Red Sox194619
Boston Red Sox200719
Brooklyn Dodgers195520
Chicago Cubs190717
Chicago Cubs192920
Chicago White Sox200519
Cincinnati Reds197520
Cleveland Indians195422
Cleveland Indians199518
Colorado Rockies200718
Detroit Tigers190917
Detroit Tigers196819
Detroit Tigers198421
Florida Marlins199722
Houston Astros199820
Houston Astros200518
Houston Astros202221
Kansas City Royals198521
Los Angeles Dodgers196319
Los Angeles Dodgers198820
Los Angeles Dodgers2019-2121
Milwaukee Braves195723
Milwaukee Brewers198219
Minnesota Twins199120
Montreal Expos199418
New York Giants195414
New York Mets196918
New York Mets198618
New York Yankees192717
New York Yankees193921
New York Yankees196117
New York Yankees199818
New York Yankees202220
Oakland A's197221
Oakland A's198920
Philadelphia Athletics191018
Philadelphia Athletics192915
Philadelphia Phillies198018
Philadelphia Phillies200815
Philadelphia Phillies202221
Pittsburgh Pirates190913
San Diego Padres202221
San Francisco Giants200217
San Francisco Giants201222
Seattle Mariners200115
St Louis Browns192216
St Louis Cardinals194216
St Louis Cardinals196814
St Louis Cardinals198218
Tampa Bay Rays200820
Texas Rangers201119
Toronto Blue Jays199319
Washington Nationals201919
Washington Senators192416

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