Sunday, November 20, 2022

College Hoops 8th Best Conference History - Atlantic 10

The Atlantic 10 ranks 8th of the 8 conferences - no shame at all considering 24 conferences do not feature six all-time great teams. Our ratings are based on how the top 6 teams in each great conference have played against some of the greatest college basketball teams in history in the Value Add College Basketball Game (see details at the bottom). .

The top 6 teams so far have gone 3-12 against the other great all-time teams, and have a combined rating of -6.0. That means those teams average being 6 points worse then the average team IN THE GAME, but the average team in the game is about 21 points better than an average team.

Therefore the Dayton 2020 team's ranking of -1.6 means they are rated about 19 points better than the average team. That is the team that should have had a shot at the national title except for Covid cancelling the tournament.

You can see a couple of other teams who have led magical runs more recently, including Curry and Davidson, and the greatest Final 4 upset of all time in VCU 2011 lead by Richmond, Virginia's Burgess.

Great TeamYear     Key Player           W   L    Pts    Allow  Rate
Top 6 A-10 teams  31268.774.3-6.0
Dayton2020Obi Toppin1087.082.0-1.6
St. Joe's2004Jameer Nelson1268.375.7-4.3
St. Bonaventure1970Bob Lanier0164.074.0-5.0
Davidson2008Stephen Curry1566.770.8-6.9
La Salle1954Tom Gola0167.076.0-8.2
George Mason2006Jai Lewis0359.367.0-9.9
Dayton1967Don May0169.088.0-11.0
VCU2011Bradford Burgess0360.371.3-13.3

We invented the Value Add Basketball Game, and since then have grown it to to 135 teams of all-time great teams and players. We have played 188 games to date, and 63,000 unique visitors have clicked on the game. 

Seven current conferences have at least six all-time great teams in the game. We decided to rank those conferences based on the average rating of their top six teams so far in our games against other teams.

Click on the game to play yourself - it contains everything you need to play the Value Add Basketball game, which lets you pit any of 136 great all-time college teams against each other. To pick your two teams it is best to click on this Google doc and print the pages of the teams you want (each team is one page). I track my games on this google sheet, but play your own for free!

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