Sunday, October 17, 2021

Cards to Play Along with MLB Playoffs, and our Simulated AL Statis-pro playoffs to date

 While the real playoffs continue to roll forward between the Braves and Dodgers as well as the Astor's and Red Sox, two busy commissioners are a bit behind. 

(Note: we use this Clutch Defense chart. For CD 5 use CD 4 result but defender can add or subtract 1 from number for result.

For those of you who want to play along with the current playoffs, you can the 2021 projected Statis-pro cards by clicking here. Obviously some players are hotter or folder then their preseason projections and you can click here adjustments to some cards.

Meanwhile the AL Statis-pro "what if" playoffs continue with a healthy Lance McCullers for the Astros and some other differences as out season plays out. Here are the results of the first 2 games in each AL playoff series:

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