Saturday, August 14, 2021

PITCHERS: Dramatically improved and new Statis-Pro Pitcher Cards Listed by Team

For the first time since late May, we matched pitcher's current ERA (adjusted slightly for ballpark) against the Ballpark Neutral ERA used to create their 2021 projected cards. We did this in May, but since then most ERAs (and OPS we will use in the next blog) have levelled out toward the projections.

In most cases the pitcher's card you get when you click here is still relatively close to this year's performance. However, in the case of 54 player cards we found a starting pitcher's PB would be at least two better (or worse) than the projected card, or a relievers PB would be at least three better (or worse) than their projected card. 

When playing the Statis-Pro baseball game, if you would like to update those cards to more accurately reflect this season's stats, then look down the teams you are playing in alphabetical order and adjust his PB accordingly. For example, the first pitcher listed is Stefan Crichton, who players for Arizona and his PB should be adjusted to a PB: 2-5. The rest of the row reveals his player card from the link above was also with the Arizona cards, but it was a projected PB: 2-7. Continue to use the projected card, but note that he is now only in control on dice rolls (or fast action PB numbers) of 2-5, while the batter will be in control on rolls or PB on the card of 6-12.

We updated more cards in May, but if the card is no longer listed below then you should return to using the PB printed on the card..

In addition, we noted nine pitchers who did not have projected cards, but have put up excellent stats and now can be used with a PB: 2-8 and the standard new player cards while allows singles on 11-23, balks on 24, strikeouts on 25-41, walks on 42-48, WP on 51, CD-C on 52-54 and and out on 55-88. You can created a new card for any pitcher, using those same numbers and with an ERA closest to 2.50 (PB 2-9), closest to 3.00 (2-8), closest to 3.50 (2-7), closest to 4.00 (4-7), closest to 4.50 (2-6), closest to 5.00 (2-5) or if 5.26 or higher at 2-4.

Most of the new pitchers with PB 2-8 are relievers, however we listed the average innings pitched for the new pitchers to let you know how to long to use them in the game. You will not that Alek Manoah of the Blue Jays averages more than five innings, so gives a great PB: 2-8 starter to the team.

NameTeamNew PBOld CardProj PB
Stefan CrichtonARIPB: 2-5ARIPB: 2-7
Chris MartinATLPB: 2-8ATLPB: 2-9
Shawn ArmstrongBALPB: 2-6BALPB: 2-7
John MeansBALPB: 4-7BALPB: 2-5
Yu DarvishCHCPB: 2-8CHCPB: 2-9
Keegan ThompsonCHCPB: 2-81.4 IPnew
Jake ArrietaCHCPB: 2-5PHIPB: 2-6
Craig KimbrelCHWPB: 2-8CHCPB: 2-7
Michael KopechCHWPB: 2-7CHWPB: 2-6
Carlos RodonCHWPB: 2-7CHWPB: 2-5
Luis CastilloCINPB: 2-8CINPB: 2-9
Amir GarrettCINPB: 4-7CINPB: 2-7
Tejay AntoneCINPB: 2-81.5 IPnew
James KarinchakCLEPB: 2-8CLEPB: 2-9
Shane BieberCLEPB: 2-8CLEPB: 2-9
Bryan GarciaDETPB: 2-6DETPB: 4-7
Casey MizeDETPB: 2-6DETPB: 2-5
Tarik SkubalDETPB: 2-6DETPB: 2-5
Tyler AlexanderDETPB: 2-6DETPB: 2-5
Joe SmithHOUPB: 2-6HOUPB: 4-7
Rafael MonteroHOUPB: 2-6TEXPB: 2-7
Kendall GravemanHOUPB: 2-7SEAPB: 2-4
Phil MatonHOUPB: 2-8CLEPB: 2-9
Brad KellerKCRPB: 2-6KCRPB: 4-7
Greg HollandKCRPB: 2-7KCRPB: 2-8
Danny DuffyKCRPB: 2-7KCRPB: 2-6
Dylan BundyLAAPB: 2-6LAAPB: 2-7
Alex ClaudioLAAPB: 2-7MILPB: 2-8
Raisel IglesiasLAAPB: 2-8CINPB: 2-9
Jimmy NelsonLADPB: 2-81.0 IPnew
Trevor RogersMIAPB: 2-7MIAPB: 2-6
Anthony BenderMIAPB: 2-81.0 IPnew
Daniel NorrisMilPB: 2-6DETPB: 2-7
John CurtissMilPB: 2-7TBRPB: 4-7
Taylor RogersMINPB: 2-8MINPB: 2-9
Drew SmithNYMPB: 2-81.3 IPnew
Steven MatzNYMPB: 2-6NYMPB: 2-4
Edwin DiazNYMPB: 2-8NYMPB: 2-9
JA HappNYYPB: 2-5NYYPB: 2-6
Jonathan LoaisigaNYYPB: 2-7NYYPB: 4-7
Aroldis ChapmanNYYPB: 2-8NYYPB: 2-9
Lou TrivinoOAKPB: 2-8OAKPB: 4-7
Aaron NolaPHIPB: 2-7PHIPB: 2-8
Ranger SuarezPHIPB: 2-8PHIPB: 4-7
Ian KennedyPHIPB: 2-81.0 IPnew
Chad KuhlPITPB: 2-6PITPB: 2-5
Daniel HudsonSDPPB: 2-7WSNPB: 2-5
Zack LittellSFGPB: 2-80.9 IPnew
Anthony DeSclafaniSFGPB: 2-6CINPB: 2-5
Dominic LeoneSFGPB: 2-8CLEPB: 2-6
Anthony MisiewiczSEAPB: 2-5SEAPB: 2-4
Justus SheffieldSEAPB: 2-5SEAPB: 2-6
Kevin GausmanSFGPB: 2-8SFGPB: 2-7
Tyler RogersSFGPB: 2-8SFGPB: 2-7
Johnny CuetoSFGPB: 4-7SFGPB: 2-5
Collin McHughTBRPB: 2-8BOSPB: 2-7
Aaron LoupTBRPB: 2-8TBRPB: 2-7
Joely RodriguezTEXPB: 4-7TEXPB: 2-8
Dane DunningTEXPB: 2-6CHWPB: 2-5
Alek ManoahTORPB: 2-85.4 IPnew
Jordan RomanoTORPB: 2-81.0 IPnew
Tanner RaineyWSNPB: 2-5WSNPB: 4-7
Patrick CorbinWSNPB: 2-6WSNPB: 2-8

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  1. John: Yu Darvish is now with the Padres...that is 1 error you made, maybe you can check for some other players with new teams...