Saturday, October 23, 2021

Statis-Pro Alternate Universe, or same Universe? Red Sox-White Sox

First the AL series between the Red Sox resumed with Game 6 this morning:

ALDS Game 6.

The White Sox trying to stay alive and continue the trend of the road team winning every game. Luis Robert belts a 2-run HR and the game is tied 2-2 in 3rd. Boston's Rafael Devers takes over from there with a homer and 3 RBI's. Statis-Pro AL Cy Young award winner Eduardo Rodriguez puts in 6 strong innings. Bobby Dalbec adds an insurance homer and the Red Sox roll 7-2. (Boston wins series 4-2)

The Statis-Pro ALCS is set as the regular season division winners advance. They split their regular season series 2-2, with Boston holding a 26-24 edge in runs scored. Should be a close series.

Now the fun part. Statis-Pro has always given a fun alternate universe to give a "what if" for teams like the Mets this year that seemed on such a roll before injuries to deGrom and others - or the Padres etc. We have had the same team win the Statis-pro World Series as the real World Series, or teams that just missed, or one year when Zack Greinke took the DBacks to a stunning Statis-Pro title when they were not really contenders in real baseball.

However, what is interesting this year is playing hundreds of regular season games with the 2021 projected cards made up before the season, we could have an exacto - the same 4 teams in both Statis-pro and the real games.

The Red Sox won their series 4-2 as noted above.

The Astros already won their series 4-1, so the ALCS at least will be the same Red Sox vs. Astros.

In the NL, both the Braves and Dodgers lead their series 2 games to 0, so if both hold on we will have an exacto.

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