Saturday, October 2, 2021

AL Statis-Pro Season Concludes

The NL Statis-Pro season has been dormant due to a move and heavy work load - so sorry for so few blogs. Luckily the AL season played in Montana has concluded and will start playoffs this weekend - so here is there recap.

 Here’s a recap of the Statis-Pro American League regular season.

I will start the playoffs this weekend.



It was a tight finish for the 2021 Statis-Pro American League playoff race.

The Astros held on to win the “West” title and a first round bye, by winning a head-to-head matchup with the White Sox.

Chicago finished strong winning 5 of 7 to put on the pressure but came up short.  The Angels faded badly to slip out of the last wild card spot.

In the “East”, the Red Sox stumbled losing 3 of 4, but had enough to hold off the Yankees.  The Rays remain an enigma by underperforming but still making the playoffs.

Speaking of underperforming, that would best describe both Oakland and Toronto during this year’s 41-game season.


AL “East”

x- Boston          25-16

w-New York     24-17

w-Tampa Bay 21-20

w-Cleveland    20-21

    Toronto        17-24


AL “West”        

x- Houston       26-15

w-Chicago        25-16

    Los Angeles  19-22

   Oakland         17-24

   Minnesota    14-27


Wild Card Round (Best of 5)

Game 1 Cleveland at Chicago

(Civale, 4-5, 4.78) vs. (Giolito, 4-3, 2.96)


Game 1 Tampa Bay at New York

(McHugh, 3-4, 2.62) vs. Cole (4-3, 2.11)



Here are the individual statistics and awards.

Both of these awards are surprises as they outperformed their cards.  (you never know with a short season)


MVP:  Alex Verdugo, Bos    (.328, 14 HR, 31 RBI)

Led the league in hits, extra base hits, runs scored, 2nd in AL batting, 2nd in AL Home Runs

Cy Young: Eduardo Rodriguez, Bos

11 starts, 75 IP, 20 ER, (7-3), 2.40 ERA.


Statis-Pro AL Batting Title

LeMahieu, NY  (59-173)             .341

Verdugo, Bos   (60-183)             .328

Engel, Chi          (55-171)             .322


Home Runs

Abreu, Chi        15

Bregman, Hou 14

Verdugo, Bos   14


Runs Batted In

Arozarena, TB 37

Engel, Chi          36

Abreu, Chi        35



Verdugo, Bos   60

LeMahieu, NY  59

Engel, Chi          55


Extra Base Hits  (2B,3B,HR)

Verdugo, Bos   (15, 1, 14)         30

Bregman, Hou (12, 1, 14)         27

Devers, Bos      (16, 0, 9)            25


Runs Scored

Verdugo, Bos   37

Anderson, Chi 35

Torres, NY        31


Earned Run Average

Cole, NY                          4-3        2.11

Rodriguez, Bos              7-3        2.40

McCullers, Hou             7-2        2.59


Relief Man

R Iglesias, LA    0-0        14/14

Pressly, Hou     1-1        13/15

Barnes, Bos      0-1        12/14



The Chicago White Sox led the league in runs scored.

The Tampa Bay Rays led the league with the fewest runs allowed.

The Boston Red Sox had the best run differential. (+40)

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