Sunday, October 17, 2021

Braves Relievers 9.1 Scoreless Innings for Sweep

 The Braves third game was practically identical to the two wins in San Francisco. All three featured a dominant start until each starter allowed a homer to make it close - then the Braves Relievers shut the door for holds and saves.

Braves Relievers totalled 9.1 Scoreless Innings, allowing only 5 hits and 1 walk while striking out 9 innings. 

Adam DuVal hit a 2-run homer to give the Braves their lead, then mass a great catch to end the Giants rally in the 7th. That play was an FD7* - meaning a deep drive that could be dropped. The error card was 2-10, but DuVal is a rare E1 and thus one of the few players who would not have dropped it for a 2-base error.

Freeman also homered again, this time after a double by Albies, and Arcia hit a rare homer as a pinchitter to wrap up a 5-2 win. All 7 runs in the game were via the homer as Crawford homered for the Giants.

The Braves advance to play either the Mets or Dodgers, who both had a bye. If the Brewers advance they get the Dodgers, but if the Padres advance they get the Mets in what would be the true "what if" series of two teams who were in great shape for a playoff run much of the real season before injuries and slumps. 

Too many memories of playing Statis-pro in the South when I hated the Braves because my friends all loved them and they kept beating my Astros - but they are not even in the same league any more, so good luck to all my friends who love the Braves in the real Game 2 against the Dodgers! 

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