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Yes, That Good; S. Carolina up to #5 All-Time After 84-55 Win Over Auburn 2009

The thing I like about playing Value Add Basketball Games is that in a 30 minute game you really grasp the strength and weaknesses of each team because the cards reflect just about everything a player did to help their team adjusted for level of competition and era.

And yes, this South Carolina women's team that just won the title is one of the best ever. What struck me is that they really do have NINE dominant players. In fact, I played around with the line-up a little and put Raven Johnson in the game at the outset (technically reserves play their possessions FIRST in our games) and had MiLaysia Fulwiley in the "starting" line-up at the end of the game. I will switch it back on the team sheet so Johnson is the starter if you go by how I have them laid out - but it worked well.

Johnson stole the ball on Auburn's 2nd and 3rd possession (43rd and 42nd left to play in the game counting down on the sheet) to lead to a quick 24-20 lead. She kept it up at the beginning of the third quarter, stealing the ball at the "33 possessions left" mark and passing ahead to Te-Hina Paopao, who sunk a 3-pointer on the break to make it 37-22 South Carolina.

Kamilla Cardoso dominated inside with 20 points and 10 rebounds to lead an incredible 44-23 rebounding edge with nine South Carolina players getting at least three rebounds. Only DeWanna Bonner (6 rebounds) and Alli Smalley (3 rebounds) hit that mark for Auburn. Those were also the only two Auburn players who got some offense going, as sharp-shooter Smalley hit a couple of 3-pointers and Bonner worked inside as both finished with 12 points and Whitney Boddie added 10.

South Carolina's 84-55 blowout win was much larger than the 18-point margin their ratings would project, and while Auburn is the 56th ranked team in our game, the margin was still impressive enough to move South Carolina from 7th all-time up to 5th all-time in our rankings (see updated top 25 all-time below the box score of the game. We track all results and update rankings on this google sheet. 

Dawn Staley's win as coach in this game occurs before her debut in the game as a player for the University of Virginia 18th all-time ranked team in our game. The only top 16 yet to play in our game is the 4th UConn team in the game - the 1995 squad led by Nykesha SalesRebecca Lobo - which debut at No. 7 all-time. They will play the other University of Virginia team - the 2018 squad led by Dominique Toussaint.

The preview of this game was posted here, with more of a focus on Auburn since fans are more familiar with the season just ended.
Pos      Auburn 2009                  Pts   3pt2pt  FTAtt   Reb Stl Blk  Fl    Act. Season
1-PGWhitney Boddie10050011015'9,11.0 Pts
2-SGAlli Smalley12230032025'9,7.6 Pts
3-SFSherell Hobbs7023451115'7,7.3 Pts
4-PFTrevesha Jackson4020020015'10,7.2 Pts
5-CDeWanna Bonner12052260326'2, 12.7 Pts
PosVisitor BenchPts3pt2ptFTAttRebStlBlkFlAct Season
1-PGMorgan Jennings2010010015'8,2.3 Pts
2-SGReneisha Hobbs2010010015'11,2.5 Pts
3-SFParrisha Simmons2010010015'9,5.3 Pts
4-PFChantel Hilliard2010020016'2, 3.2 Pts
5-CKeKe Carrier2010011016'3, 7.2 Pts
 14 Turnovers5522256235412 
PosSouth Carolina 2024Pts3pt2ptFTAttRebStlBlkFlAct Season
1-PGTe-Hina Paopao7120021115'9,10.9 Pts
2-SGMiLaysia Fulwiley12222211115'10,11.9 Pts
3-SFBree Hall11140040026'0, 9.5 Pts
4-PFAshlyn Watkins2010080226'3,9.4 Pts
5-CKamilla Cardoso200922101126'7,14.1 Pts
PosHome BenchPts3pt2ptFTAttRebStlBlkFlAct Season
1-PGTessa Johnson4020030016'1,6.2 Pts
2-SGChloe Kitts8040040016'2,9.3 Pts
3-SFSania Feagin8040070016'3,6.7 Pts
4-PFRaven Johnson10050043015'8,8.1 Pts
5-CSakima Walker2010010016'4,2.0 Pts
 15 Turnovers8443444446513

Updated All-Time Top 25 after S. Carolina Win
Rnk     Team                         year     WL   ScoreAllow    Rate    Player(s)                                      
1Tennessee19984076.364.018.4Tamika Catchings, C Holdsclaw
2Connecticut20021075.046.015.5Sue Bird, Diana Taurasi
3Tennessee20071089.070.014.7Candace Parker
4Louisiana Tech19823176.067.512.4Pam Kelly
5South Carolina20241084.055.012.0Kamilla Cardoso
6Connecticut20161180.064.510.8Maya Moore
7Connecticut1995    10.0Nykesha Sales, Rebecca Lobo
8Notre Dame20183176.372.89.9Arike Ogunbowales
9Connecticut20102173.373.39.3Breanna Stewart
10USC19832172.063.39.2Cheryl Miller
11Stanford20211179.072.58.2Kiana Williams
12Baylor20121173.577.06.2Kalani Brown
13Iowa20241084.064.05.8Caitlin Clark
14Baylor20191174.073.03.6Brittney Griner
15Oregon20190181.084.03.5Sabrina Ionescu
16Texas A&M20110169.076.02.8Danielle Adams
17Notre Dame2001    2.0Ruth Riley
18Virginia1991    2.0Dawn Staley
19Mississippi State20180158.074.01.3Victoria Vivans
20LSU2023    1.0Angel Reese
21Maryland2006    1.0Crystal Langhorne
22Ohio State1993    1.0Katie Smith
23Old Dominion19800155.080.00.5Nancy Lieberman
24South Carolina20171169.073.50.0A'ja Wilson
25Duke20060166.075.0-0.3Alison Bales

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