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Top 25 All-Time Men's and Women's Teams in Value Add Game

With the college basketball season in the rearview mirror, here is the update on the Top 25 men's and Top 25 women's teams in the Value Add Basketball Game through games we've played so far. If you click on the links above, you will see our record of every game we have played on one google sheet, and another google sheet ranking all 234 men's teams and 56 women's teams beyond just the top 25 listed below. 

The "pre" to the left of each men's and women's team indicates where we ranked the team based purely on how good their playing cards are.

The "rnk" to the left of that figure is the team's ranking updated based on games we play.

Rnk   Pre    Men's Top 25              Year                         Rnk   Pre   Women's Top 25      Yr
11UCLA1972 11Tennessee1998
211Ohio St.1960 21Connecticut2002
35Duke2001 36Louisiana Tech1982
420Kansas1997 45Tennessee2007
510Indiana1976 51Connecticut2016
69Connecticut2023 67Connecticut1995
763Kansas2008 78South Carolina2024
816Houston1968 815Notre Dame2018
915North Carolina2005 94Connecticut2010
104Kentucky1996 1013USC1983
1129Arkansas1994 1110Stanford2021
1213North Carolina1982 1211Baylor2012
1328San Francisco1956 1319Iowa2024
1462Baylor2021 149Baylor2019
1527Villanova2018 1512Texas A&M2011
1621Connecticut1996 1620Notre Dame2001
1726Gonzaga2017 1721Virginia1991
1861Connecticut2004 1816Oregon2019
198Duke1992 1917Mississippi State2018
2041Louisville2013 2022Maryland2006
217Cincinnati1960 2123Ohio State1993
2283Houston2021 2224LSU2023
232Kentucky2012 2318Old Dominion1980
2440Virginia2019 2414South Carolina2017
2514North Carolina St.1974 2530Duke2006
373UCLA1967 4925Long Beach State1987
7217North Carolina1998     
2824Michigan St.1979     

Note UConn has 7 teams between the men and women - more than twice any other school - so Danny Hurley appears to be right about this being UConn's century.

The formula we use to update from our "pre" rating  formula is similar to the except we give an extra 5 points for winning or subtract 5 points for losing.

Note we do not have this year's UConn national champs since we don't let a school have more than one team every five years or a

So, and their 2023 champs are No. 6 all-time using our ranking system. If we did not space out teams from one school, then the Tennessee and UConn women would have many more teams, as would the UCLA men.

The biggest women's upset to date was Notre Dame 2018 upsetting Maya Moore and UConn 2016. As you can see, that UConn team dropped from from a 3-way tie for No. 1 to 5th place, while Notre Dame improved from 15th place to 8th place. We track all games and list the ratings with additional information (such as conference rank) for all 56 women's teams here. Long Beach State is the 25th best team based on their player cards, but before UConn lost to Notre Dame they defeated Long Beach State 88-53, dropping Long Beach State from 25th to 49th.

The "Rnk' (Rank) number is where we ranked the team right now 

Women's Greatest 25 Teams in VABG (see men below)
Rnk  Pre  School                    Yr      WL     Score  Allow  Player(s)
11Tennessee19984076.364.0Tamika CatchingsChamique Holdsclaw
21Connecticut20021075.046.0Sue BirdDiana Taurasi
36Louisiana Tech19823176.067.5Pam Kelly
45Tennessee200700  Candace Parker
51Connecticut20161180.064.5Maya Moore
67Connecticut199500  Nykesha SalesRebecca Lobo
78South Carolina202400  Kamilla Cardoso
815Notre Dame20183176.372.8Arike Ogunbowales
94Connecticut20102173.373.3Breanna Stewart
1013USC19832172.063.3Cheryl Miller
1110Stanford20211179.072.5Kiana Williams
1211Baylor20121173.577.0Kalani Brown
1319Iowa20241084.064.0Caitlin Clark
149Baylor20191174.073.0Brittney Griner
1512Texas A&M20110169.076.0Danielle Adams
1620Notre Dame200100  Ruth Riley
1721Virginia199100  Dawn Staley
1816Oregon20190181.084.0Sabrina Ionescu
1917Mississippi State20180158.074.0Victoria Vivans
2022Maryland200600  Crystal Langhorne
2123Ohio State199300  Katie Smith
2224LSU202300  Angel Reese
2318Old Dominion19800155.080.0Nancy Lieberman
2414South Carolina20171169.073.5A'ja Wilson
2530Duke20060166.075.0Alison Bales
4925Long Beach State19870153.098.0Cindy Brown

Men's Greatest 25 Teams in VABG

We have a lot more games in with the men, as the stats were available when we invented it in 2019, but the stats have just become available for many of the great women.

The biggest upset in this game was the 1980 DePaul team stunning Kareem and UCLA, which has dropped from No. 3 to No. 37 of the 234 teams. 

Rnk Pre  School                    Year  WL    ScoreAllow  Player(s)
11UCLA19726072.062.0Bill Walton #64
211Ohio St.19602184.076.3Jerry Lucas #72, John Havlicek #29
35Duke20013178.372.5Shane Battier
420Kansas19975076.862.4Paul Pierce #50
510Indiana19763171.359.8Scott May
69Connecticut20232078.558.0Adama Sanogo
763Kansas20085174.756.0Mario Chalmers
816Houston19683173.063.8Elvin Hayes #41
915North Carolina20053272.264.4Sean May
104Kentucky19962172.069.3Antoine Walker
1129Arkansas19941275.370.3Corliss Williamson
1213North Carolina19825168.865.0Michael Jordan #1, James Worthy #59
1328San Francisco19563173.063.5Bill Russell #4
1462Baylor20212286.078.5Jared Butler
1527Villanova20187279.470.3Mikal Bridges
1621Connecticut19961090.068.0Ray Allen #52
1726Gonzaga20173369.863.0Nigel Williams-Goss
1861Connecticut20045274.766.0Ben Gordon
198Duke19921273.770.3Christian Laettner
2041Louisville20132174.066.3Russ Smith
217Cincinnati19601272.378.0Oscar Robertson #12
2283Houston202110102.050.0Quentin Grimes
232Kentucky20124272.265.7Anthony Davis #53
2440Virginia20194172.665.4Kyle Guy
2514North Carolina St.19742172.072.7David Thompson
2725Houston19832170.765.0Hakeem Olajuwon #11, Clyde Drexler #43
2824Michigan St.19792170.362.7Magic Johnson #5
2923Purdue202410 74.0 53.0Zach Edey
3219Michigan19931062.055.0Chris Webber #65
373UCLA19672183.087.0Kareem Abdul-Jabbar #3
386UNLV19911272.776.3Larry Johnson
4618Michigan19890270.578.5Glen Rice
6112Florida20065374.472.0Joakim Noah
7217North Carolina19982180.783.7Vince Carter
8722Kansas19573267.871.4Wilt Chamberlain #6

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