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Scoring Value Add Team with Fewer Than 10 Players: D.J. Burns/Final 4 NC State vs. Lilliard/Weber St. 2010

The vast majority of all-time great teams in the Value Add Basketball Game feature 10 players - five starters on the top row and then five subs. The unique aspect of the game that some love or some hate - is the score starts 20-20 with all players with 2 points and 44 possessions left to play. This speeds up the time needed to play the game to as little as 30 minutes, and it can almost always be completed in 45 minutes once you've played a few games.

However, in some cases such as Damian Lilliard's 2010 Weber State, we only had sufficient stats to create eight player cards. When this happens, you need to make slight adjustments to the starting score card to make the points add up to 20, as well as the Rebounds start at 13, and fouls at 10. 

Note below the start of the game NC State has the normal 10 players so they start the game with the same figures already marked on the scoresheet. However, since Weber State's 2010 had only eight players we added a 3-pointer for Lillard (the leading scorer) and Hansen 9teh big 3-point shooter on the team though we took away his 2-point shot). To make up for the 2 rebounds the 9th and 10th player would have had, we add a rebound each to the top two rebounders on the team to start Mahoney and Panos with three each instead of two. Finally, we need to start with 10 fouls, and for that we chose two backups who are least likely to foul out - Bullinger and Morris. All these changes are shown in red.
Pos       Weber State 2010     Pts  3pt  2pt  FT  Att  Reb Stl  Blk Fl   Actual Stats
1-PGDamian Lillard5110011016'2, 19.9 Pts
2-SGFranklin Session2010011016'3, 10.2 Pts
3-SFNick Hansen3100020016'4, 9.2 Pts
4-PFDarin Mahoney2010030016'8, 2.9 Pts
5-CSteve Panos2010030116'8, 10.6 Pts
PosHome BenchPts3pt2ptFTAttRebStlBlkFlActual Stats
1-PGLindsey Hughey2010010016'3, 7.8 Pts
4-PFKyle Bullinger2010010026'6, 8.7 Pts
5-CTrevor Morris2010010026'9, 4.9 Pts
 3 Turnovers202700132110 
PosNC State 2024Pts3pt2ptFTAttRebStlBlkFlActual Stats
1-PGMichael O'Connell2010011016'2, 5.7 Pts
2-SGDJ Horne2010011016'1, 16.9 Pts
3-SFCasey Morsell2010020016'3, 11.1 Pts
4-PFMohamed Diarra2010020016'10, 6.3 Pts
5-CD.J. Burns2010020116'9, 12.9 Pts
PosHome BenchPts3pt2ptFTAttRebStlBlkFlActual Stats
1-PGBreon Pass2010010016'0, 1.3 Pts
2-SGKam Woods2010010016'2, 1.2 Pts
3-SFJayden Taylor2010010016'4, 11.2 Pts
4-PFDennis Parker2010010016'6, 4.7 Pts
5-CBen Middlebrooks2010010016'10, 5.7 Pts
 3 Turnovers2001000132110

#230 Weber State vs. $167 NC State

 A second straight painful game for a Marquette fan like me. The last game was the Virginia Tech women, who just took Marquette's coach. And now we need to play the 2024 NC State team that ended Marquette's run in the Sweet 16 with me sitting courtside. Ouch. I did not enjoy D.J. Burns like others did. 

They go into the game with a chance for the new 2024 teams to even their series with the teams added because they have one of the top 75 players of all time. They go in as favorites against the 2010 Weber State featuring Damian Lilliard. We realized when we went to print out the teams that while we had added Weber State in this list of 21st Century teams with all-time great players, we had not added them to the New List H of teams (UCLA 2008 to Yale 2024) until now.

Damian Lilliard was great this season, ranked as the 16th best offensive player of those with at least 24 percent of the team's possessions. By two years later, Lilliard was by far the best offensive player in the country, beating out Doug McDermott for the best offensive rating in the country despite having the ball an incredible 32 percent of the time. However, the reason this team was not added until we added all teams with a top 75 player is his Weber State teams went only 1-21 against Top 100 teams in his four years.

Game results to follow once complete, but here is the match-up.

Game Results:

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