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Harden at the Buzzer for 82-81 Win After All-Pac 12 Teammate Fouls Out

In one of our greatest back-and-forth games, one point favorite Colorado State (2024) pulled within 66-65 with eight possessions to play when Joel Scott drew a fifth foul on all-Pac 12 center Jeff Pendergraph (who later change his name to Jeff Ayres to take his biological father's name). Luckily for Arizona State, backup center Eric Boateng still had all five of his stamina left and gave a good rebounder, but it was still quite a loss with Pendergraph no longer available after recording 21 points and 12 rebounds.

Colorado State rained in three 3-pointers in the closing four possessions between Isaiah Stevens and Patrick Cartier, who on the day combined for seven 3-pointers.

However, Arizona still had the best player on the court in James Harden, who was not yet a big 3-point shooter yet in college, but got to the rim at will and fed back out to 
Rihards Kuksiks
who has an incredible 1-7 three-point made range on the 20-sided die and hit three treys to offset some of the great shooting by Colorado State.

However, the last two trips down the court it was Harden getting to the hoop for 2-point buckets to give Arizona State just enough to hold off the 3-point barrage with a 82-81 win for the minor upset. 

Harden's 25 points in the debut of his card in the Value Add Basketball Game actually scored 28 points in a real game on Sunday as well to lead the LA Clippers to a Game 1 playoff win over the Dallas Mavericks.

Colorado State 2024 slips from 140th to 157th in the rankings of the teams in the game, while Arizona State improves from 153rd to 14ost.
Pos      Arizona St. 2009     Pts    3pt2pt   FTAtt    Reb  Stl  Blk  Fl       Act. Season      
1-PGDerek Glasser10050013026'1, 8.8 Pts
2-SGJames Harden251102453116'5, 20.1 Pts
3-SFRihards Kuksiks11310061026'6, 10.3 Pts
4-PFTy Abbott7120030026'3, 7.1 Pts
5-CJeff Pendergraph210934122256'10, 14.5 Pts
PosBenchPts3pt2ptFTAttRebStlBlkFlAct Season
1-PGJamelle McMillan2010010016'2, 4.8 Pts
2-SGJerren Shipp2010010026'4, 2.7 Pts
3-SFEric Boateng4020020026'10, 1.8 Pts
 14 Turnovers8253158319317 
PosColorado St. 2024Pts3pt2ptFTAttRebStlBlkFlAct Season
1-PGIsaiah Stevens12311151016'0, 16 Pts
2-SGJalen Lake2010022026'4, 5.8 Pts
3-SFNique Clifford9130050026'6, 12.2 Pts
4-PFPatrick Cartier24452250016'8, 10.2 Pts
5-CJoel Scott12133480236'7, 13.2 Pts
PosBenchPts3pt2ptFTAttRebStlBlkFlAct Season
1-PGKyan Evans2010010016'2, 1.4 Pts
2-SGJosiah Strong2010010016'4, 6.6 Pts
3-SFJoe Palmer10123310016'4, 5 Pts
4-PFTaviontae Jackson2010020116'2, 1.1 Pts
5-CRashaan Mbemba6022410016'7, 3.8 Pts
 15 Turnovers8110201114313314

Here are the 20 spots in the rankings starting with Arizona State. Note they started the season in 167th place based just on how good we believe their cards are, we note Harden as the 33rd best player in history, they are 1-0 with the 82-81 win, their opponent (Colorado State) had a rating of -5.0, their rating is now -4.8 after starting at -6.0 before the win, they will be in the Big 12 next season and right now we have them ranked as the 22nd best Big 12 team in our game.

The rankings and results for all teams are recorded here.

RnkPreTeamYearPlayer(s)WinLossScoreAllowSOSRatingPreConfConf Rnk
140167Arizona St.2009James Harden #331 8281.0-5.0-4.8-6B1222
141166DePaul1945George Mikan #35 15155.05.0-5-6BE20
14296North Carolina1957Lennie Rosenbluth 17689.0-1.0-5-1ACC26
143159Notre Dame1981Orlando Woolridge 16874.04.0-5-5ACC27
144144St. Mary's2023Logan Johnson118384.0-5.5-5-4WCC5
145137Washington2006Brandon Roy 19899.0-7.0-5-3B1030
14697Oklahoma2016Buddy Hield136067.30.3-5.1-1SEC19
147160Buffalo2019CJ Massinburg 18284-2.0-5.5-5Mid-maj5
148187LSU1953Bob Pettit #312 7471.0-7.0-5.5-7SEC20
149188UCLA1987Reggie Miller #47117872.5-6.5-5.5-7B1031
150195Auburn1984Charles Barkley #221172773.5-5.6-8SEC21
151196Iowa2001Reggie Evans127175.31.7-5.8-8B1032
152118Texas2003T.J. Ford126976.3-1.0-5.8-2SEC22
153168California1993Jason Kidd #36     -6-6ACC28
154169Louisville1968Wes Unseld #60     -6-6ACC29
155189Miami1965Rick Barry #27 1104108.04.0-6-7ACC30
156170Oregon St.1990Gary Payton #48     -6-6P12/MWC5
157158Colorado St.2024Isaiah Stevens 18182.0-6.0-6.3-5B1221
158145Brigham Young1981Danny Ainge 16777.00.0-6.3-4B1223

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