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Edey Card Debuts with 23 pts, 17 reb, 5 blocks and Draws 4 Fouls on 11-time NBA All-Star

The match-up of 6-foot-8, 11 time all-NBA player Dolph Schayes against 7-foot-4 2024 player of the year Zach Edey stayed close at 34-39 until there were 28 possessions left in the game. However, at that point Edey drew a forth foul on Schayes and New York University 1948 had to switch to put 6'1 Ray Lumpp on him.

Purdue pulled away from that point - winning 74-53 in the debut of both cards, and Edey finished with 23 points, 17 rebounds and 5 blocked shots. Much work is done to balance eras, including our "dunk ranges," and playing the game dispels the misconception among many fans that "shooting used to be much better" than it is today.

As an example in this game, NYC averaged hitting 25 of 86 shots, shooting below 30% for the season, and they were a very good team at 22-4 that had been national runner-up a few years earlier in Dolph Schayes freshman season. Below the box score of Purdue advancing is our preview of the game.

Pos       New York University 1948   Pts  3pt  2pt  FT Att Reb Stl Blk Fl   Season Actual
1-PGJoe Dolhon7023422138.2 pts, 6'0
2-SGDon Forman91224320211.9 pts, 5'10
3-SFJoel Kaufman4020051128.3 pts, 6'3
4-PFRay Lumpp1204461212417.1 pts, 6'1
5-CDolph Schayes1315001001113.7 pts, 6'8
1-PGTom Kelly6030010027.1 pts, 6'0
2-SGJoe DeBonis2010010012.7 pts
3-SF 0         
4-PF 0         
5-C 0         
 13 Turnovers53219914346515 
PosPurdue 2024 3pt2ptFTAttRebStlBlkFlSeason Actual
1-PGBraden Smith131422410412 pts, 6'0
2-SGLance Jones71200520311.9 pts, 6'1
3-SFFletcher Loyer102200100110.6 pts, 6'4
4-PFMason Gillis2010040216.7 pts, 6'6
5-CZach Edey2309591705124.9 pts, 7'4
1-PGEthan Morton3011221010.7 pts, 6'7
2-SGMyles Colvin2010020013.4 pts, 6'5
3-SFCamden Heide2010010013.3 pts, 6'7
4-PFTrey Kaufman-Renn8032210026.4 pts, 6'9
5-CCaleb Furst4020050012.2 pts, 6'10
 13 Turnovers744261015424716

First the setup for the game.

One reason we try to play each team once is catch any tweaks, and there were a couple of them for NYU. We needed to increase the Stamina to get high enough to cover all minutes in the game with only seven player cards. The +2 for Purdue and -21 for NYC lets you know Purdue could be about a 21-point favorite in this game - which we set up as the top newly created against the 16th best team - or overall the 232nd best team in the game against the 63rd of all time. 

The other change we made is flipping the Power Forward and Center 4th and 5th spot to line Dolph Schayes up against Zach Edey for this game. Schayes is obviously not as tall as Edey - coming in at 6-foot-8, but he was an NBA All-Star 11 years in a row so gives a classic match-up at center.

As for Edey, note that his 1-15 offensive rebound range is so strong that he will not only always get a "high rebound" reading, but he also will great the offensive rebound if the rebound chart gives one of the other Purdue players a chance for the offensive rebound but a "6" comes up on the 1-6 roll - which his teammates would not have in their range but Edey will grab.

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