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Oops - Redo for UVa Women 2019 as we left Dominique Toussaint's card out

Well, that's embarrassing. We need to replay the game we just completed - 1995 UConn vs. 2018 Virginia, since we accidentally left the playing card for UVa's leading scorer Dominique Toussaint out of the game. See image of the updated team cards at the bottom of the blog. Jocelyn Willoughby was actually UVa's best player.

One reason we are trying to slowly get through and play each team in the Value Add Basketball Game at least once is to catch any mistakes in our player cards. We just hit a big one - as we realized only after playing 2018 Virginia against 1995 UConn that as hard as it is for any team to have a chance against the great UConn teams- its even harder without your leading scorer. 

This is particularly harmful in this case because the UVa 2018 women were 239th in scoring nationally even with Toussaint putting in her double figures. No, men's coach Tony Bennett was not also coaching the UVa women with his slow, methodical offense, it was Joanne Boyle wrapping up a solid coaching career that had nice teams at Richmond, Cal and finally Virginia. 

Her defensive mindset certainly carried over to another defense-first team on UVa's campus. The funny thing was this was the season that Bennett was coaching UVa to the national title, but the following Covid-year the UVa men were 239th in offense so the "Grounds" at UVa witnessed some of the lowest scoring wins in the nation between the men and women.

To say Boyle had been Duke's best player would be an understatement - her final year there she lead the team in scoring, rebounds, blocked shots and set the school record in steals that lasted for years. When we started trying to add the best team from more programs to our game we did not have many stats from the 20th century women's teams, and we settled on this as the best UVa women's team of the century. They certainly rank far below the great teams in the game from UConn, South Carolina and Tennessee, but this was a nice team that not only won a tournament upset as a 10-seed, but then played a great game against the all-time greatest UVa player Dawn Staley and South Carolina.

 As you can see from the box, both backcourt players put up 16 points on a combined seven 3-pointers to give a scare to South Carolina in what would be Boyle's last game coaching before changing her life focus to adopt a child

From this ESPN account: Up 30-25 at the half, South Carolina opened up a 12-point lead in the third period before the Cavaliers cut it to 46-40 with 10 minutes left. Virginia still trailed just 52-47 after Dominique Toussaint's driving bucket with 6:39 to play.

UVa vs SC 2018               MIN  FG     3PT    FT     REBASTSTLBLK   PTS
Lauren Moses232'-70-02'-422106
Jocelyn Willoughby351'-70-04'-470006
Dominique Toussaint345'-153'-81'-2441016
Aliyah Huland El242'-60-23'-431127
J'Kyra Brown315'-144'-92'-2210016
Lisa Jablonowski181'-10-01'-210103
Mone Jones20'-00-00-000000
Felicia Aiyeotan192'-50-00-041022
Brianna Tinsley140'-00-10-011000
 Q1Q2Q3Q4 Final   
10-seed Virginia12131516 56   
2-seed S. Carolina15151620 66  

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