Sunday, April 28, 2024

Last 4 Men's Game of Season Feature Stockton and the Glove Payton vs. 2024 Surprise Teams

 We looked over the last four all-time great men's teams to play a game in the Value Add Basketball Game, and all look in order. We just added the Suggested playing possessions to the bottom of each player's card, something you can do in pen if you've already printed the whole set of all 234 great teams.

For John Stockton's Gonzaga 1984 the rotations are pretty simple with him playing all 44 possessions (44-1) in their opener against Grand Canyon. Yale's opponent took a few more notes since they only have nine players:

Oregon State 1990 has only nine players, so we used the extra panel to note you can start Gary Payton and Earl Martin with 3 points on a 3-pointer rather than 2-pointers to get you to 20 points at the start of the 20-20 game with all other players still starting with just a 2-pointer. We'd add a third rebound for starting center Scott Haskin (front line starting players start with 2 rebounds and the other 7 players with 1 rebound each to get to 13 total at the start of the 20-20 game). Finally, we need to add a foul to get the team to 10 fouls (we consider all offensive fouls to be among these 10 in the 20-20 start of the game since offensive fouls cannot occur on the dice) - we 'd suggest adding a foul to Allan Celestine since his foul range is 34-36 (highest of the reserves).

These will be our final two games since the college basketball season has been over almost a month and we have normally switched to baseball by now but after having more than 50,000 unique visitors to this site, we are past 25,000 in April when it usually dies off after March Madness, so we extended the basketball portion of our season.

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