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UNC's McAdoo Survives Upset Scare from Wilkens and Providence

The last all-time top 100 men's team to play a Value Add Basketball Game was #38 UNC, led by all time great center Bob McAdoo with point guard and future great coach George Karl Because their team rating is +4, and Lenny Wilkens 1960 Providence is a -9, UNC was a +13 point favorite, and so far teams favored by 10 to 15 points in Value Add Basketball Games have won 78% of the time.

So far 20 of our 287 games were "even" ratings so there was no favored team.  In the other games:

Favored by                          Won       Upset        Win%
18 points or more150100%
10 to 17 points501281%
7 to 9 points33979%
1 to 6 points945464%
Total Favorites Record1927572%

However, for most of the game Wilkens looked like he was going to lead only the 11th double digit upset winner.  With 19 possessions left he stole the ball from the other all-time great on the court, McAdoo, and hit a 3-pointer on the other end to give the 1960 Friars a 49-44 lead. a few possessions later, he had a traditional 3-point play to make it 57-50.

However, McAdoo took over down the stretch as both greats topped 30 points, and UNC pulled away late for an 84-73 win. UNC 1972 came into the game without having played, but ranked 38th of all time in our game. There was no one else ranked higher than 143rd who had not played a game.

Here is the box score.
Pos       Providence 1960 Starters      Pts  3pt  2pt  FTAtt    RebStlBlkFl       Actual Season
1-PGJohn Egan11132323036'0, 14.2 ppg
2-SGLenny Wilkens31111674402#75 best, 6'1
3-SFTom Moynahan4020020016'1, 7 ppg
4-PFDick Whelan5110020116'3, 8.3 ppg
5-CJames Hadnot7023450146'10, 14.8 ppg
PosBench VisitorsPts3pt2ptFTAttRebStlBlkFlActual Season
1-PGDenny Guimares2010010016'0, 2.6 ppg
2-SGRichard Holtzheimer2010010016'3, 4.8 ppg
3-SFJohn Woods2010031016'4, 6 ppg
4-PFRobert Siembida5021210016'4, 3.6 ppg
5-CRichard Leonard4020020016'4, 1.8 ppg
 16 Turnovers733261216238216 
PosUNC 1972 StartersPts3pt2ptFTAttRebStlBlkFl 
1-PGGeorge Karl7023532346'3, 11.7 ppg
2-SGDennis Wuycik16153321056'6, 18 ppg
3-SFBill Chamberlain6030080016'6, 10.9 ppg
4-PFBobby Jones9122260016'9, 10.2 ppg
5-CBob McAdoo32014456143#54 best, 6'9
PosBench HomePts3pt2ptFTAttRebStlBlkFlActual Season
1-PGKim Huband6030010016'5, 5.6 ppg
2-SGSteve Previs2010011016'3, 5.3 ppg
3-SFBill Chambers2010010016'4, 2.4 ppg
4-PFDonn Johnston2010010026'8, 2.5 ppg
5-CCraig Corson2010010016'9, 1.5 ppg
 13 Turnovers842331215305720

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