Sunday, April 21, 2024

Harden Rips Mavs, Then We Debut His Player Card with ASU 2009

After watching James Hardin dominate Dallas in the NBA playoffs, we pulled out the time machine to get his college team on the court for the first time in Value Add Basketball Game. You can click on this YouTube for the NBA highlights including Hardin hitting this 3-pointer today. to make it 105-88 en route to his 28-point playoff debut for the Clippers.

Our 8-game debut challenge of our new 2024 teams racing teams added recently because they have one of the 75 greatest players of all time continues with all-time great James Hardin bringing his 2009 Arizona State team back to the Future to race Colorado State's first ever Value Add Basketball Game team after they destroyed 10-seed Virginia in the 2024 tournament to qualify.

Julius Erving's 1971 UMass upsetting Utah State 73-67, the series is now even, after 24-point favorite Purdue with Zach Edey easily won 74-53 against all-time great Dolph Schayes and his New York University 1948 team.

With the series tied 1 win a piece and three of the all-time greats favored by nine points or more, the 2024 teams need Colorado State to hold serve as a narrow 1-point favorite.

2024 Win? 2024 Team      Favored? Player(s)              OpponentYr       Top 75 All-time player
Win 74-53Purdue24Zach EdeyNYU1948Dolph Schayes #61
TBDNC State11DJ BurnsWeber St.2010Damian Lillard #68
Loss 67-73Utah St.8Great OsoborMassachusetts1971Julius Erving #19
TBDGrand Canyon4Tyon Grant-FosterGonzaga1981John Stockton #25
TBDColorado St.1Isaiah StevensArizona St.2009James Harden #33
TBDDuquesne-9Jimmy ClarkCalifornia1993Jason Kidd #36
TBDYale-9Danny WolfOregon St.1990Gary Payton #48
TBDOakland-14Jack GohlkeLouisville1968Wes Unseld #60

A reminder on setting up to play your own games. 

First, in this case both teams are in the same google doc on List A, so you click on that, and on page 1 see from the list that Arizona State 2009 is on page 7 and Colorado State is on page 8

So when you go to print, select pages 7 and 28 and it will print your two teams.

Then look at the dunk charge on the Value Add Basketball Game Instructions, and you can see that Arizona State's 51-57, cross referenced with Colorado's defensive adjustment of +1 results in a dunk range of 51-62 for the game for Arizona State (the numbers add to 51-58, but these are for two 6-sided dice totaling 11-66 so there is no number 57, 58, 59 and 60, so having a range with two numbers above 56 means you go to 62. We circled the cross reference that gave us 51-62 below - there is a separate chart for the teams with negative (better) defenses in the rules.

Colorado State's is a simple 51-56 which is there range, and Arizona State is a +0 so unchanged.

Then of course print out a scoresheet and you are ready to play.

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