Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Free Table Top Sports Game Blogs Garner 10,000 Visits Again

We appreciate once against topping 10,000 visits in the last 30 days. Periodically we repost our featured post, noting that the key three links for this blog site the links to two free games with player cards - Statis-Pro Baseball Game and the Value Add Basketball Game - and the database rating all the college basketball players of this century at

While I invented the basketball page and game, the invention of Statis-Pro is detailed in this great blog - I just produce one set of projected cards every year and the dice version instructions.

This site is for people who like table top sports games to get AWAY FROM a screen - in some cases for those of us who spend 10 or 12 hour days working ON the computer looking at a screen. We do get comments or emails at asking for computer versions of the free baseball and basketball blogs, and that's why we do not produce those.

More than three-quarters of our visitors (making up 7,839 of the 10,838 visits in the past 30 days as detailed below) simply click on to see what is on the top blog, and that is always followed by people clicking on the free Value Add Basketball Game (now nearing 50,000 visitors all time) and next the free Statis-Pro baseball game. However, we do find some of our blogs from our player ratings at and the predictions for March Madness results or future NBA careers still get some hits.

Here are the sites with the most visits just in the last 30 days:

Visits Last 30 days - Story link visitor clickedVisits
click straight on (top of blog)

Value Add Basketball Game (VABG) Instructions

Statis-Pro Baseball Game (Learn Free Basic Version in 5)

Instructions for Playing Statis-Pro Baseball from MLB, to minors/youth/college to Japan (Ohtani vs. Suzuki)

15 players being dropped from Value Add Projections - Headed for NBA

3 Key Posts - Hoops and Baseball Game and Player Ratings

Value Add Basketball Game - Detailed Instructions

Statis Pro Baseball - Instructions to Learn to Play Basic Game in 5 Minutes (video added)

Value Add Basketball Dice Game Ave. Score 75-63 While Real Final Four Average 74-64 this Century

NL Most Improved and Biggest Disappointments

Sweet 16 Features 5 of top 10 Value Add Players, Mobley Challenging Garza for MVP

Statis-Pro Baseball Advanced Charts to Add to Basic Game for Fielding, Baserunning, Clutch Plays and Unusual Plays

Statis-Pro Baseball Cards for All Players (Note: 2021 Projected)

New 2021 Projected Player Cards and Updated Statis-Pro Game Instructions

Picture of Bracket Based on Value Add Ratings of Players Available for Tournament (the basis for all other systems)

Accurate way to enter numbers to quickly create Statis-Pro cards and playoff great teams

Statis-Pro Baseball Season Resumes Now That Hoops Over - Royals Overcome Puig's 3rd Homer in 2 Games

South Region Results 2020 March Madness

All-Time Great College Basketball Tournament - Scoresheets and Notes on 32 Second Round Games as they Happen

How Amazing would healthy Mets Be?

Baseball Previews and Free Statis Pro Baseball Game to Manage Teams For Fun

Total Visitors past 30 days10838

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