Sunday, June 20, 2021

All 30 Statis-Pro Baseball Team Cards with Extra Players Like Un-Retired Zimmerman

Click on each of the four images below, print them out, cut out all 30 team cards (they are the same size as the player cards), and then use them as the top card for each team in your Statis-Pro set. The instructions at the top explain how to use both the ball park factor when the team is at home, and the extra fringe player cards on each sheet for players for whom we did not project a card, but are now contributing to the team. You can apply the Home Run Range of a batter or PB of a pitcher on the team card by inserting those numbers to the standard "fringe" card above.

The 1200 projected cards are available for free by clicking here, and printing any or all teams you want to play. The sheets below give you a few extra players who were not in the projected set for this year (e.g. Ryan Zimmerman had retired a year ago, but came back and is on the Washington Nationals team card below.

When you print, select Landscape and fit to page.


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