Saturday, April 10, 2021

Statis-Pro Baseball Cards for All Players

Here are the players we found for all 15 NL teams based on current rosters. We do not use players that are on 60 day DL or whose return is indefinite. The fringe players listed are players for whom we used a card below based on their OPS (for batters) or ERA (for pitchers) based on ESPN projections. 

The players listed in small letters at the bottom of each team card just represent players whose card was found with another team and moved to this team.

To get player cards to play the Statis-Pro Baseball game, click on the pitchers and batters. If you do not find a particular player card, then find the card that has the closest OPS for batters or ERA for pitchers. We recommend clicking here and typing in the player's name in the box to see his projected OPS and ERA.

These estimate roughly how good a pitcher or batter would be rather than running all the calculations for a lot of temporary or new players.

Pitcher and Pitcher's Batting Cards (print image below)

the top 3 cards on this image are temporary pitcher cards. The numbers are all the same except for the most important one, the PB of the pitcher. To choose that pick the pitcher's expected ERA. The best source is a "Projected ERA" but if you don't have that you can look at career numbers or take your best estimated guess. The bottom two rows are batter cards for pitchers or very light hitting batters. Find an estimated batting OPS to choose that card. Normally give AL pitchers the first batting card (.150 OPS) and NL pitchers the second one (.200 OPS). However, if a pitcher or some other light hitting batter has a career OPS of around .250 to .400 then you can use the appropriate card on this sheet. In all cases with these batters, when they come to the plate skip the PB roll or fast action card, and go straight to the Random Number 11-88 to see the result on this card. There is no chance for clutch batting (BD) on any of these cards, and always use the Cht of P instead of an SN, RN, LN, SP, RP or LP.

Batters' Cards (click on image below and print)

Print copies of the sheet of cards below. Anytime you do not have a batting card for a player, estimate his OPS. You can use a "Projected OPS," or for a strong hitting pitcher you can use a Career OPS or just take your best guess. Pick the card with the OPS that is closest, .450, .500 etc. If the OPS is .424 or less than you will use one of the batting cards on the sheet above.

Extra Pitcher Cards

The following is an extra sheet of just the pitcher cards from the top row of the image above. Since you will most often need extra pitchers that rotate in our out of a team roster.

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