Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Blue Jays Buffalo Home a Launching Pad for Mets

 With cousins from my birthplace of Upstate New York, we did quick research on the Blue Jays 2021 home park, Sahlen Park in Buffalo.

Looks like this place is rivaling Coors Park qs the hitting paradise, so on the Toronto team card pictured we made all numbers on DEEP drives, 11-88, home runs. This was heaven for the visiting Mets, who play in the ultimate pitchers park, where all DEEP numbers, 11-88, are sac flies.

Every other park besides those two and Coors Field, is a mix, when a DEEP number comes up you flip to see if the next card yields a homer or sac fly.

The Mets hitters took full advantage. They hit 5 homers that would have been homers even in New York (in the players actual HR range), bit added another 3 homers on deep drives that would have been caught in New York, for the biggest explosion any team has had in our game this year - 8 homers, 23 hits, and a 16-5 win.

While Vlad Guerrero Jr. May have the besr hitting card in our game, JD Drew isn't far behind and hit three more homers in that game. Even after being edged out in the second game, the Mets move to 2 games ahead of the rest kf the NL.

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