Saturday, June 26, 2021

AL 46-44 vs. NL in Statis-Pro; Cubs defense shines

Note - Cubs beat the Rangers, but the AL still takes 46-44 record after each AL team played on series. The AL averaged outscoring the NL 4.3 to 3.9.

While the AL Statis-Pro season is being played in Montana this year, our Alabama based Statis-Pro season included our first interleague games so we could get a look at each of the AL teams player cards, and which players have improved or disappointed the most.

The following grid lists each AL team with the number of runs they scored in both the first and second game (Gm1 and Gm2). If either of those scores are bolded and underlined, then the team won credit for a 3-game sweep for that win because they led by at least 5 runs at the end of the 8th inning without using their relief closer. The "Wins" number includes how many total wins they were credited for out of six games. The same info is then listed for their NL opponent for the series.

The Giants continue to be one of the true surprise teams of all time in real baseball. The projected cards for an aging team that had gone 243-303 (.445 winning percentage) during the last four years, the current 33-45 (.423) is about what you would expect - and yet Posey and the gang have discovered the fountain of youth in jumping out to an incredible 49-26 in real baseball (.653).

Both teams have scored 97 runs.
Bal 6Wins: 2vs.Atl^ 8 5Wins: 4
Cle 2 7Wins:vs.SF^ 0 4Wins: 2
Sea 2Wins:vs.Mil^ 6Wins: 3
Tex 6 2Wins: 2vs.ChC^ 6 2Wins: 4

The ^ symbol indicates the team was at a disadvantage because their third and fourth best starting pitchers started the two games, while in all other games a team's top two starters pitch.

The top seven AL teams will play a second game, but the NL has two big advantages with the Nats starting Scherzer and Strasburg against the Yankees 3rd and 4th best starters, and the Mets throwing deGrom and Santana against Boston's 3rd and 4th best starters.

Chicago Cubs at Houston ^.
NY Mets at Boston^
St. Louis^ at Toronto
Washington at NY Yankees^
Washington^ at LA Angels^
San Diego at Tampa Bay
Atlanta at Chicago White Sox

Rangers were the last AL team to play their first game in our interleague play, hosting the Cubs. The Cubs defense overcame 3 Gallo homers. In the bottom of the 8th with bases loaded, 2nd baseman Nico Hoerner made a play almost no other 2nd baseman could have made (he is an E1 and E 2-10 would have been an error) to preserve an 8-6 win. In the 2nd game leftfielder Joc Pederson threw the potentiql game-tying run out at home to preserve the 3-2 win (he is a T4, and only a T4 or T5 could have thrown him out).

Baez and Hoerner made additional plays that would have been errors for most.

The pictures of scoresheets in the interleague games appear below.

The Braves closer Jackson blew a 3-run lead in the 9th in our Orioles first game, but the Braves won 8-6 in the 10th. The Braves won 5-1 in the second game, but couldnt get the 5-run margin for the sweep.

Milwaukee splits back in their original city - Seattle, where they were the Pilots for one year befre the move to Milwaukee.

When your Cy Young leading pb 2-9 candidate Bieber is thrown out of the game at the beginning, and you have three more pb 2-9 pitchers to throw the 7th, 8th and 9th, a combo shutout is not a surprise.

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