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Self's Tulsa Plays Like Kansas in 10th Biggest Blowout

Bill Self's breakthrough season was this Tulsa team that finished #7 in including a run to the Elite 8 through a previous No. 1 Cincinnati and a near upset of UNC in the Elite 8. Tulsa has never finished in the top 40 since, as Self then went to Illinois for three dominant seasons and then Kansas for national championships. Self reached No. 7 and the Elite 8 with this team despite not having a single future NBA player.

Tulsa was the second team in a row in our current tournament of 16 new teams to produce one of the biggest 10 blowouts in the history of our Value Add Basketball Game - both by teams now in the American Athletic Conference. In the 245th all-time great men's team game we ever played, Cornbread Maxwell led Charlotte to a 95-68 win over New Mexico for a 27-point margin that was our 10th biggest blowout ever in the game.

They stayed in the top 10 for only one game, as Tulsa's 92-64 win over Washington State topped the margin by one point as the 10th biggest blowout in the history of our game.
Margin  All-time great teams                                                Score All MargOpponent  Yr
1Houston - 2021 - Grimes - B121025052Princeton2023
2Connecticut - 2023 - Sanogo - BE773938St. Peter's2022
3Villanova - 2018 - Bridges - BE1067234Creighton2020
4Gonzaga - 2017 - Williams-Goss - WCC814833UCLA2006
5Virginia - 2019 - Guy - ACC976433Maryland2002
6Duke - 2010 - Scheyer - ACC895732Wake For2005
7Kansas - 2008 - Chalmers - B12835231St. Joe's2004
8Memphis - 2008 - Rose - Amer825230Louisville1980
9Villanova - 2018 - Bridges - BE896029Butler2010
10Tulsa - 2000 - Shelton - Amer926428Wash St.2008
11Charlotte - 1977 - "Cornbread" Maxwell - Amer956827New Mex2019

The two performances pushed both teams slightly ahead of Memphis among all our American Athletic teams, at 33rd and 38th in our standings based partly on the cards but also on the results of game so far. We track all results and ratings on this google sheet. These are just the six teams who will be in the American Athletic out of our 200 great teams.
Rnk  American Athletic           Year   Player       W  L  Score  Allow  SOS
140Wichita St.2013VanVleet1264.371.31.7
179Florida Atlantic2023Davis0164.077.0-2.0

Here is the box score from Tulsa's blowout win.
Pos       Washington St. 2008     Pts 3pt 2pt FT Att Reb Stl BlkFl  Season Actual         
1-PGTaylor Rochestie6200021056'1,10.4 ppg
2-SGDerrick Low16331211016'2,14.1 ppg
3-SFKyle Weaver13142460036'6,12.2 ppg,NBA
4-PFRobbie Cowgill10050140126'10,7.3 ppg
5-CAron Baynes7201240136'10,10.4 ppg,NBA
1-PGThomas Abercrombie0000010016'6,1.2 ppg
2-SGStephen Sauls2010010016'3,2.1 ppg
3-SFDaven Harmeling6030010036'7,5.6 ppg
4-PFCaleb Forrest2010010016'8,3.4 ppg
5-CNikola Koprivica2010010016'7,2.5 ppg
 14 Turnovers6481849222221 
PosTulsa 2000Pts3pt2ptFTAttRebStlBlkFlSeason Actual
1-PGMarcus Hill19245632016'5,11.2 ppg
2-SGGreg Harrington11051241046'2,10.8 ppg
3-SFDavid Shelton16145560016'6,13.5 ppg
4-PFEric Coley14143362116'5,11.3 ppg
5-CBrandon Kurtz10034470136'10,11.2 ppg
1-PGTony Heard8032210116'0,9.7 ppg
2-SGDante Swanson8040040035'10,5.5 ppg
3-SFAntonio Reed2010010015'10,1.8 ppg
4-PFKevin Johnson2010010016'7,2.4 ppg
5-CCharlie Davis2010010016'7,2.5 ppg
 6 Turnovers924302022345317

On the flip side, the blowout loss plunged Washington State to the bottom of our combined Pac-12/MWC conference. Oregon State's earlier win against James Madison moved them up to within one spot of the top of the new combined conference, just behind UNLV's dominant 1991 team.

Rnk   P12/MWC         Year   Player     W  L  Score  Allow   SOS
42Oregon St.1982Green1081.068.0-12.0
103San Diego St.2011Leonard2269.371.8-0.3
174San Diego St.2023LeDee0178.084.0-1.0
193New Mexico1974Hardin0168.095.0-3.0
196Washington St.2008Weaver0192.064.00.0

Here is the actual scoresheet with Tulsa dominating from the outset.

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