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Abdul-Jabbar to Worthy: Greatest 120 College Player Cards in Alpha Order

Click on this google doc or print out the screen shots below for cards of the 120 greatest college basketball players of all time listed in alphabetical order. Playing fantasy league Value Add Basketball Games is the same as the instructions for the regular game between the 226 great teams - with a few exceptions listed below the cards. The Basketball Reference College Basketball Stats are linked to each of the 120 greatest college players of all time.

Instructions for Playing Value Add Basketball Games using all-time great cards is the same as playing games between the great 226 team sheets in the game except for the following instructions.

1. When playing teams, each sheet of 10 cards is one team. When you choose individual players via fantasy league draft or some other message, you cut the 10 players out of each sheet to divide them up.

2. To start the game, lay out five players from left to right. You do not need to use the suggested position on the card (PG-1, SG-2, SF-3, PF-4, C-5) EXCEPT you need a PG-1 in the far left spot or else the defense steal ranges increase by 2 (a steal 11-12 becomes 11-14) for all 5 defenders, not just the opposing point guard.

3. When playing great players most players will have at least one extra number (a 6, 7 and/or 8) so you will have many options. Choose which player in each line-up will get the ball on a 6, 7 and 8 roll, picking the best offensive cards as well as a player being guarded by a higher Adj range. An optional additional adjustment, any player who has additional numbers but is not assigned one gets to lower his 20-sided die roll by 1 every time he does get the ball on his one number form 1-5.

4. You will not need to use reserves nearly as much in these games as in the team game, because many players have a Stamina of 44 to play the whole game or at least an number high to that number. You likely only need to use your sixth best player to sub a little bit to get enough of the 44 possessions covered.

5. Keep in mind the dunk range is adjusted by the player guarding him, rather than the whole team having the same dunk and adjust range in team games. For example, to match up one of the best offensive and defensive ratings in the game - Bill Walton's dunk range is 51-65, and if he were up against James Worthy's -12 Adj the table in the game instructions shows he dunks only on a 51-53 on Worthy. However, if he went up against a great offensive player but weak defensive player like Jerry West and his +5 Adj, then Walton dunks on any roll in the dunk range from 51-66, and Worthy completely erases the dunk range of any player with a 51-62 or lower dunk range and turns and negative number into a STOP range. E.g. a dunk 51-56 against Worthy's -12 would have a STOP range of 51-56 on which he misses and Worthy grabs the rebound.

The rest of the game process simply follows the regular instructions

We are tracking players other readers have suggested be added to the game for consideration in the next run. Feel free to email other suggestions to

Steve Alford Indiana 84-87
Kent Benson Indiana 74-77
Calbert Cheaney Indiana 90-93
Sean Elliott, Arizona 86 - 89
Hersey Hawkins Bradley 85-88
Keith Lee Memphis 82-85
Glen Rice Michigan 86-89
Jay Williams Duke 00-02

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