Friday, January 19, 2024

Dr. J, Tiny Archibald and Hal Greer Would Make 26-Team All-Time Great Player Tournament

 When we went through the 75 greatest players of all time and matched them yesterday, we actually missed two more that played for D1 college teams and were not yet in the Value Add Basketball Game. We may add these two as well:

Marshall 1956 (Hal Greer #70 player rank)   #210 team rank

UTEP 1970 (Tiny Archibald #67 player rank)   #212 team rank

Well, this works out almost perfectly. If I create those two teams then we would have 26 new teams to create to have all 75 of the greatest players of all-time who played D1 in our Value Add Basketball Game.

What is even more perfect is that exactly six of the teams are legit among the top 60 teams in the game, so it works perfectly to give them all a bye (see second round below).

The other 20 new teams were truly one-man teams (sure they had wonderful teammates, but you know) that are being added purely because of the great player. 

I mean, was the 1971 UMass team one of the greatest teams ever? No. Do you want Dr. J to be in a college basketball game? Yes.

None of those teams are anywhere close to the top 6 new teams as they all rank outside our top 160 teams in the game. Therefore we can make each of the "one-man teams" into a first round and make them beat someone first. If we seed them all based on where they rank based on their cards - this would be the new tournament. 


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