Thursday, January 11, 2024

Step-by-step to quickly print teams you want - Tulsa vs. Drake

As we set up Bill Self's Tulsa 2000 vs. Drake 1969, we thought we'd stop to show how quick the steps are to print out the teams. Some users tell me they printed out all 200 teams and just pull from them as they want to play two of the teams - which works as well - but others may just occasionally want to play a few teams in a conference or something and we will print the easiest steps in reverse order.

Step 4 of 4. The easiest way to print that is to pull up the sheet on which they appear and then print out only that page rather than the other 20-some pages on that particular google doc.

Step 3 of 4. After you have the doc up the first sheet always lists all your pages, but scrolling through 20-some sheets to fine the correct one to print can take time depending on your internet connection. You may want to first download the sheets to word or pdf so you don't need the internet to find the page and print moving forward.

Either way, when you pull up the whole sheet go ahead and hit print, then just scroll down the first page in the print preview window, and in this case we see page 23 is Tulsa, so you enter for it to only print page 23 which is how we got to the view above in step four.

Step 2 of 4. From the main Value Add Basketball Game you can click on the link with the alphabetical range surrounding your team, but once you've done that each file should stay in your google drive. You can see below in our google drive that they were all in a list, and you can see the most recently opened google doc was List B, but to get to Tulsa we needed to open List G which includes teams from Seton Hall to UCLA.

Step 1 of 4. Obviously the first step is actually picking your teams. On this google sheet we keep of all team games, we have the teams in this Sweet 16 at the top and set up in bracket order. with teams playing each other next in the same color.

In this case we have the two green teams, Tulsa vs. Drake so we went to look for them above.

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