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Record-holder AC Green Lead's Oregon State vs WKU for Last Final 4 Spot

The Value Add Basketball Game cards for all 200 teams are in good order and should not require any reprints, but we are adding little things as we continue to play games such as suggestions on any players you may want to start with something but other than 2 points before the first die roll. 

For our final Elite 8 game of this tournament, we did catch a very minor item in that we listed "Stamina 0" for Western Kentucky's Mike Fawcett, Butch Kaufman and Norm Weaver, however every player should get a minimum of "Stamina 5" so we have updated. We do not recommend any of the three players normally play any of the 44 possessions in a Value Add game since all likely played less than 11 possessions per game - so the "None" is correct, but if they come in for someone who fouled out or to put one more player who can hit a 3-pointer or get a steal near the end of a game, all players start with at least 5 in Stamina to play at full strength for 5 possessions. You can print the WKU team below by going to List H and printing page 22.

If you then go to List F and print page 12 you get the Oregon State team below. This was early in AC Green's career, so he isn't as dominant as he would get, but he did jump in a starter as a freshman on the great Oregon State squad. 

In the dunk ranges (51-66) this is the most defensive battle we recall. Western Kentucky is a 51-56 but Oregon State's defense of -6 erases that so there are no automatic dunks from 51-66 and you go straight to the player's 20-sided die. Oregon State starts with 0 dunks (51-50) and with Western Kentucky's -5 that results in a STOP range meaning a 51-55 is a missed shot and the defender gets a rebound.

Note on the Oregon State cards that three reserves averaged fewer than 2 points per game, so we will start them at 0 points as we start in a 20-20 tie for the first due roll - and to make up those 6 points we have suggested on the cards starting the first four starters with a 3-pointer made instead of a 2-pointer made for 3 points, and then starting Green with 4 points based on two 2-point shots made.

Green isn't too likely to miss the game injured for anything as he would go on to set the record by playing in 1,192 consecutive NBA games and overall his NBA teams had a 782-496 record. He was also known for being a virgin through his entire career until getting married after his career. He also did not smoke or drink, including not spraying champaign in locker rooms.

He won awards from Athletes in Action and Humanitarian groups. In other words, while as a freshman he wasn't yet the best player on the team but he was already very good - and he is a better person than you and me and anyone else on the team LOL. 

Oregon State was our 2-seed in this tournament, but with a rating of +2 they are only a slight favorite against WKU (-2). That is a 4-point gap for 100 possessions for each team, but that would be a 3-point favorite for a game of around 70 possessions.

Note we put the suggested starting points on the cards and also all the starting numbers on the starting box score along with the starting stats from the Value Add Basketball Game scoresheet.

Pos      Western Kentucky   Pts  3pt2ptFTAttRebStlBlkFl   Season Actual       Ht
1-PGDwight Smith31000110116.1 Pts, 9.9 Reb6'5
2-SGClem Haskins31000110120.4 Pts, 10.0 Reb6'3
3-SFWayne Chapman20100200113.3 Pts, 4.3 Reb6'6
4-PFGreg Smith2010020019.5 Pts, 10.3 Reb6'5
5-CSteve Cunningham20100201115.1 Pts, 7.4 Reb6'5
1-PGMike Fawcett2010010012.1 Pts, 0.6 Reb5'10
2-SGButch Kaufman2010010014.0 Pts, 1.0 Reb5'10
3-SFNorm Weaver2010010012.9 Pts, 1.7 Reb6'5
4-PFPearl Hicks2010010012.3 Pts, 3.0 Reb6'7
5-CJack Butler0000010011.8 Pts, 1.8 Reb6'5
 10 Turnovers202700132110  
PosOregon St. 1982Pts3pt2ptFTAttRebStlBlkFlSeason Actual Ht
1-PGWilliam Brew3100011016'1,9.2 ppg6'2
2-SGLester Conner3100011016'4,14.9 ppg,NBA6'2
3-SFDanny Evans3100020016'5,11.3 ppg6'6
4-PFCharlie Sitton3100020016'8,12.9 ppg,NBA6'7
5-CA.C. Green4020020116'9,8.6 ppg,NBA6'11
1-PGAlan Tait0000010016'2,0.5 ppg6'3
2-SGJamie Stangel0000010016'7,1.4 ppg6'7
3-SFJeff Wilson0000010016'7,1.2 ppg6'7
4-PFRob Holbrook2010010016'86.7 ppg6'9
5-CGreg Wiltjer2010010016'11,5.4 ppg6'9
 11 turnovers204400132110 

We will add results after, which will set our Final 4 for this tournament. 

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