Monday, January 15, 2024

Sat in front of Wade Today, and Marquette player landed next to me

 Flying today so unable to play the next Value Add Basketball Game Final Four contest, BUT a good basketball day nonetheless. Before going to the airport I caught the Villanova at Marquette game and not saying my seats were the best ever or anything but ... I was on the floor one row in front of one of the great backcourts from our game - Travis Diener and Dwyane Wade  (top photo) - whose cards are below from the 2003 Final Four Team.

Then we got a closer look when David Joplin (2nd photo) dove into the front row where we were seated and my friend basically caught him to keep him from crashing over the chair. Joplin gave him a great thank you. His card from the 2023 Marquette team is at the bottom. (Yes, I remember journalism class about always stacking smaller images on top of larger images, but I wanted the pictures of Wade on the top and Joplin second.  Just noticed all three are 80% from the line (1-16 FT Good, 17-20 miss).

Swamped tomorrow but maybe tomorrow night I can sneak in a game.

This month has already moved into our top 10 in terms of unique visitors, with 13,042, and more than half of the month to go so the all-time record certainly is possible unless we drop off to below 150 per day, which often is the average. However, we are averaging close to 1000 a day so far this month.

  1. April 2020 - 15,870
  2. October 2019 - 15,584
  3. June 2021 - 15,581
  4. July 2021 - 14,847
  5. Aug 2021 - 14,810
  6. Aug 2020 - 13,997
  7. Sept 2021 - 13,793
  8. Sept 2020 - 13,661
  9. May 2020 - 13,345
  10. January 2024 - 13,042 through Jan 16, 4 am ET

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