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Kareem Grabs 11 Boards, But Duke Roars Back Late in All-time Showdown

Our first game using all-time great players instead of teams could not have been better. The ultimate twin towers of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bill Walton dominated on the boards as expected, 

However Duke turned Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. over five times and help him to 6 of 14shooting while Duke hit some 3-pointers including Christian Laettner playing as an almost "stretch center" in an incredible game.

The game was so good we decided to give the actual play by play with the running score on the left. If any of the plays do not make sense, there is a key at the bottom. Below the running score we list the team box score.

Also, the plays in red indicate the referee made a bad call in favor of the home team, and unfortunately for Duke that happened three times - all sending 90 percent free throw shooter Reggie Miller to the line.
Duke    UCLA    Duke All-time team        Play            UCLA All-time team       Play
2020Score starts 20-20 All players with 4 pts 
  Shane BattiermissKevin LoveReb
    Kareem Abdul-JabbarTO
2220Justise Winslow2  
  Christian LaettnerStealKareem Abdul-JabbarTO
2520Johnny Dawkins3  
    Reggie Millermiss
    Bill WaltonOreb
  Johnny DawkinsStealRussell WestbrookTO
  Christian LaettnermissBill WaltonReb
2522  Bill Walton2
  Johnny DawkinsmissKareem Abdul-JabbarReb
2524  Bill Walton2
2824Shane Battier3  
2825Justise WinslowFoulBill Walton1
2826  Bill Walton1
3127Christian Laettner3  
3127Christian LaettnerfoulKareem Abdul-Jabbar1
  Christian LaettnerReb 0
  Johnny DawkinsmissReggie MillerReb
3129Christian LaettnerFoulKareem Abdul-Jabbar2
3130  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar1
3330Jon Scheyer2  
3332Justise WinslowFoulBill Walton2
3333  Bill Walton1
3533Christian Laettner2  
3535  Reggie Miller2
  Justise WinslowTOBill WaltonSteal
3537  Kevin Love2
  Christian LaettnermissKareem Abdul-JabbarReb
  Shane BattierRebRussell Westbrookmiss
  Jon ScheyermissBill WaltonReb
  Justise WinslowblockBill Waltonmiss
    Kevin LoveOreb
  Justise WinslowblockBill Waltonmiss
    Reggie MillerOreb
    Kareem Abdul-JabbarTO
3737Christian Laettner2  
3739Jon Scheyer foulReggie Miller2
3740  Reggie Miller1
3840Jon Scheyer1Reggie Millerfoul
3940Jon Scheyer1  
  Christian LaettnerblockKareem Abdul-Jabbarmiss
    Kareem Abdul-JabbarOreb
3942Christian LaettnerFoulKareem Abdul-Jabbar2
3943  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar1
4143Christian Laettner2  
4146Jon ScheyerfoulReggie Miller3
4147  Reggie Miller1
  Justise Winslow0Bill Waltonfoul
4247Justise Winslow1  
4249  Russell Westbrook2
4349Christian Laettner1Kareem Abdul-Jabbarfoul
4449Christian Laettner1  
4450Justise Winslow Bill Walton1
4451  Bill Walton1
  Christian LaettnerTO  
    Bill Waltonmiss
  Shane Battierreb  
  Christian LaettnermissReggie MillerReb
  Jon ScheyerRebReggie Millermiss
4551Shane Battier1Kevin Lovefoul
  Shane Battier0Kevin LoveReb
    Reggie Millermiss
    Kareem Abdul-JabbarOreb
  Justise WinslowRebKareem Abdul-Jabbarmiss
  Shane BattiermissRussell WestbrookReb
4553  Russell Westbrook2
  Christian LaettnermissKevin Lovereb
  Shane BattierblockKevin Lovemiss
    Russell WestbrookOreb
4555  Reggie Miller2
  Jon ScheyermissKareem Abdul-Jabbarreb
  Shane Battier Reggie Millermiss
4755Johnny Dawkins2  
  Christian LaettnerStealKareem Abdul-JabbarTO
4955Justise Winslow2  
4956Christian LaettnerfoulKareem Abdul-Jabbar1
4957  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar1
5157Johnny Dawkins2  
  Shane BattierblockKareem Abdul-Jabbarmiss
5257Jon Scheyer1Reggie Millerfoul
5357Jon Scheyer1  
5359  Bill Walton2
  Justise WinslowTOBill WaltonSteal
5362  Russell Westbrook3
  Justise WinslowTORussell WestbrookSteal
  Justise WinslowStealBill WaltonTO
  Shane Battiermiss  
  Jon ScheyerOreb  
5562Christian Laettner2  
  Jon ScheyerRebKareem Abdul-Jabbarmiss
5762Shane Battier2  
5764Jon ScheyerfoulReggie Miller2
5765  Reggie Miller1
  Justise WinslowTO  
5767  Bill Walton2
6067Justise Winslow3  
  Christian LaettnerStealKareem Abdul-JabbarTO
6367Jon Scheyer3  
  Christian LaettnerblockKareem Abdul-Jabbarmiss
  Jon ScheyerReb  
  Justise WinslowmissBill Waltonblock
    Kareem Abdul-Jabbarreb
6369  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar2
6469Justise Winslow1Bill Waltonfoul
  Justise Winslow0  
6569Justise Winslow1  
6572  Reggie Miller3
  Shane Battier Reggie Millerreb
6772Christian Laettner2  
6773Shane BattierfoulKevin Love1
  Shane BattierRebKevin Love0
7073Jon Scheyer3  
    Bill WaltonTO
7273Christian Laettner2  
7274Christian LaettnerfoulKareem Abdul-Jabbar1
7275  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar1
  Jon ScheyerTOBill WaltonSteal
    Reggie Millermiss
Qq    Kareem Abdul-JabbarOreb
7277Shane BattierfoulKevin Love2
    Kevin Love0
    Kareem Abdul-JabbarOreb
    Reggie Millermiss
    Reggie MillerOreb
7279  Reggie Miller2
7479Justise Winslow2  
7481  Kevin Love2
  Shane BattiermissKevin Loveblock
  Christian LaettnerOreb  
7681Christian Laettner2  
    Russell Westbrookmiss
    Reggie MillerOreb
  Justise WinslowRebKareem Abdul-Jabbarmiss
7981Shane Battier3  
  Justise WinslowblockBill Waltonmiss
  Christian LaettnerReb  
  Justise Winslowmiss  
  Shane BattierOreb  
8181Shane Battier2  
8183  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar2

Here is the composite box score after Kareem shook off a tough game to score at the buzzer and deliver UCLA the 83-81 win. UCLA travels to UNC next.

While much if the game played out along the lines of what you'd expect, there were two surprises in the box. it was not a surprise that Laettner could score so much away from the basket in Kareem. However Kareem had the best offensive card in the game - with 1-15 either a basket or drawing a foul in the 20-sided and had the max dunk ranges of 51-66. Dukes ability to turn him over 5 times including the first two times he had the ball, and then hold him to 6 of 14 shooting kept the game close.

However, Kareem had the game high 11 rebounds,.including kicking the ball out to shooters off offensive rebounds, drew 7 fouls on Laettner since we played no foul outs with only 5 on 5, hit all 6 free throws and hit the game winner.

The other surprise of the dice was that UCLA had much better shot blocking cards, but it was Duke surprisingly getting the blocked shots.

Here is the key to the symbols in the running score. Remember based on the score sheet other plays have already happened before the first dice are rolled - accounting for the 20-20 start to the game. Also note since we only had five players each we played with no foul outs - which saved Christian Laettner since he committee 7 fouls trying to guard Kareem.

Yes, you read the scoreboard right. The three bad calls against Jon Scheyer gave Reggie Miller three "and-ones" as a 90 percent free throw shooter (1-18 on the 20-sided die) which is the average game (3 points home court advantage) and in this game that could have been the difference. 

UCLA won 83-81 when Kareem beat the buzzer, but take away those three extra free throws on a neutral court or this should have been a 81-80 upset by Duke. Duke will still get UNC at home and this round robin will be decided by total point margin so Duke only starts 2 points down in the round robin.
Symbol        Meaning of Symbol                        Total in Game
0Missed Free Throw - 0 points5
1Made Free Throw - 1 point26
2Made 2-Point Basket34
3Made 3-Point Basket10
blockBlocked Shot9
FoulCommittee Foul18
missMissed Field Goal33
OrebOffensive Rebound13
RebDefensive Rebound23
 Total Plays193

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