Wednesday, January 24, 2024

4 Years, 4 Teams, 5 Great Players Added to Game

 The final four teams added to the Value Add Basketball Game due to having one of the greatest 75 players  of all time are complete and can be pulled up here for viewed below.

However, we ended up with five new great players for our fantasy game, as until we added Russell Westbrook's 2008 UCLA team we forgot just how good the were and more importantly - how awesome Kevin Love was. That duet was truly elite - 30 points better than the average team that season according ot (one of only three years that had 30+ teams).

The incredible duet did their part even in the Final 4 loss to Memphis, with Love grabbing 16 rebounds and Westbrook scoring 22 points on 10 of 19 shooting - but Memphis held the rest of the team below 30% shooting (10 of 24). 

That UCLA team is the class of these four additions. Kevin Durant's Texas 2007 and James Hardin's 2009 teams do not look nearly as good as that UCLA team, but both look strong and about equal. Damian Lillard is the only reason Weber State 2010 is in the game as we decided to include all teams that had one of the 75 top players of all time. 

Here are these four teams to complete that list, and you now have access to the top 120 players in the game if you would rather draft your own fantasy teams. Here are the teams in alphabetical order.

Alpha list of players on 4 teams (links to those with Basketball Reference Page)
Ty Abbott
Alfred Aboya
A.J. Abrams
Connor Atchley
D.J. Augustin
Eric Boateng
Kyle Bullinger
Darren Collison
Nikola Dragovic
Kevin Durant
Derek Glasser
Nick Hansen
James Harden
Matt Hill
Lindsey Hughey
Damion James
James Keefe
Rihards Kuksiks
J.D. Lewis
Damian Lillard
Kevin Love
Darin Mahoney
Justin Mason
Lorenzo Mata-Real
Luc Richard Mbah a Moute
Jamelle McMillan
Trevor Morris
Steve Panos
Jeff Pendergraph
Dexter Pittman
Franklin Session
Jerren Shipp
Josh Shipp
Russell Westbrook
Craig Winder

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