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UCLA at UNC All-Time Teams Goes Final - Scroll Down for Score

The All-Time UCLA at UNC game has gone final, and we will let you scroll down the results to see the winner. This was a revenge chance for James Worthy and Michael Jordan as their 1982 UNC champs lost our great team title to Bill Walton's champs from a decade early, 1972. This time the game features the greatest players from all UNC and UCLA teams in our round robin with Duke.

The only spoiler alert is that Michael Jordan and James Worthy dominated in the open court for UNC, while Bill Walton and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar dominated inside for UCLA. You won't believe how much until you see the box score at the bottom and see who came out on top.
Pos       UCLA   UNC  UCLA                             Play      UNC                            Play
 2020First roll   
442222Bill Walton2Vince Carter2
43  Kareem Abdul-JabbarmissBob McAdooreb
   Kareem Abdul-JabbarRebMichael Jordanmiss
4224 Bill Walton2Billy Cunninghamfoul
   Bill Walton0Billy CunninghamReb
   Kevin LoveblockVince Cartermiss
     Michael JordanOreb
   Bill WaltonblockMichael Jordanmiss
   Kareem Abdul-JabbarReb  
4126 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar2  
  24  Bob McAdoo2
40  Russell Westbrook0Michael Jordanfoul
 27 Russell Westbrook1  
  25Kareem Abdul-JabbarfoulBob McAdoo1
   Kareem Abdul-JabbarRebBob McAdoo0
3929 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar2  
   Kevin LoveRebJames Worthymiss
38  Kareem Abdul-JabbarmissBob McAdooblock
     Billy CunninghamReb
  27  James Worthy2
3731 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar2  
  29  James Worthy2
36  Bill Waltonmiss  
   Russell WestbrookOReb  
   Bill WaltonTOBilly CunninghamSteal
     James Worthymiss
     Vince CarterOreb
   Reggie MillerblockJames Worthymiss
   Bill WaltonReb  
3533 Bill Walton2  
  30Reggie MillerfoulJames Worthy1
  31  James Worthy1
3435 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar2  
   Russell WestbrookRebMichael Jordanmiss
33  Kareem Abdul-JabbarmissBob McAdooblock
     Bob McAdooReb
  34  Michael Jordan3
3237 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar2Bob McAdoofoul
 38 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar1  
  36  James Worthy2
31  Kevin LovemissBob McAdooReb
   Bill WaltonblockMichael Jordanmiss
   Kareem Abdul-JabbarReb  
3040 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar2  
   Russell WestbrookStealMichael Jordanto
2942 Bill Walton2Billy Cunninghamfoul
 43 Bill Walton1  
     Bob McAdooto
2845 Bill Walton2  
  38  James Worthy2
   Kareem Abdul-JabbarmissBob McAdooblock
   Reggie MillerRebBob McAdoomiss
27  Russell WestbrookTOMichael JordanSteal
   Kareem Abdul-JabbarblockBob McAdoomiss
   Kevin Love   
2647 Bill Walton2  
  40  Michael Jordan2
25  Kareem Abdul-JabbarTOMichael JordanSteal
  42  Michael Jordan2
2449 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar2  
   Bill WaltonblockBilly Cunninghammiss
     Billy CunninghamOreb
     James Worthyto
23  Russell WestbrookmissMichael JordanReb
  43  Michael Jordan1
     Michael Jordan0
   Bill Waltonto  
     Bob McAdooto
22  Kareem Abdul-JabbarmissBob McAdooblock
   Kevin LoveOReb  
   Kevin LoveTOVince CarterSteal
   Bill WaltonStealBilly CunninghamTO
21  Russell WestbrookmissBob McAdooReb
  44Bill WaltonfoulBilly Cunningham1
  45  Billy Cunningham1
20  Bill WaltonmissBob McAdooblock
   Kareem Abdul-JabbarOReb  
 51 Bill Walton2  
   Kevin LoveblockVince Cartermiss
     Michael JordanOreb
  47  Michael Jordan2
19  Reggie MillermissBob McAdooReb
  49  Michael Jordan2
185351Bill WaltonmissVince CarterReb
  52Kareem Abdul-JabbarfoulBob McAdoo1
  53  Bob McAdoo1
17  Russell WestbrookmissBilly CunninghamReb
  55  James Worthy2
16  Reggie MillermissJames Worthyblock
     Billy CunninghamReb
   Kareem Abdul-JabbarblockBob McAdoomiss
     James WorthyOreb
  58  Michael Jordan3
1555 Bill Walton2  
  60  Michael Jordan2
14 62Kareem Abdul-JabbarTOBob McAdoo2
13  Reggie MillermissJames WorthyReb
   Kareem Abdul-JabbarblockBob McAdoomiss
   Reggie MillerReb  
1257 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar2  
     Billy Cunninghammiss
     Bob McAdooOreb
   Bill WaltonRebJames Worthymiss
11  Reggie MillermissJames WorthyReb
  64  Michael Jordan2
10  Reggie MillertoJames WorthySteal
  66  Michael Jordan2
9  Kevin LovetoVince CarterSteal
  68  Bob McAdoo2
8  Kareem Abdul-Jabbarto  
   Bill WaltonblockBilly Cunninghammiss
7  Russell WestbrookmissMichael JordanReb
  69Russell WestbrookfoulMichael Jordan1
   Kevin LoveRebMichael Jordan0
659 Bill Walton2  
  71  Bob McAdoo2
560 Kevin Love1Vince Carterfoul
 61 Kevin Love1  
     Michael Jordanmiss
     James WorthyOreb
   Kareem Abdul-JabbarblockBob McAdoomiss
     Vince CarterOreb
  73  James Worthy2
4-2nd  Kareem Abdul-Jabbarmiss  
   Kevin LoveOReb  
 63 Kevin Love2  
   Bill WaltonStealBob McAdooto
465 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar2  
  75  James Worthy2
3  Kevin LovemissVince Carterblock
   Bill WaltonOReb  
   Reggie MillermissJames WorthyReb
     James Worthymiss
2  Kareem Abdul-JabbartoBob McAdooSteal
   Kareem Abdul-JabbarRebJames Worthymiss
16775Kareem Abdul-Jabbar2mercy,no shot

With UNCs 75-67 win, UCLA is eliminated. UNC travels to Duke and based on our tie-breakers can win our round robin either by winning the game, or coming within 3 points since they are now a +8 and Duke is a -2 in margin.

UCLA led much of the game, but Jordan took over with some key baskets and then a couple of steals and feeds ahead to Worthy for scores.

UCLA                                   Pts   FGM  FGA  %       FTM  FTA  %RebStealBlockTOFoul
Russell Westbrook52922%1333%42023
Reggie Miller421020%000%41123
Kevin Love104944%22100%80232
Bill Walton23111765%11100%72423
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar25122157%11100%100544
UCLA Totals67316647%5771%335121315
UNC                                   PtsFGMFGA%FTMFTA%RebStealBlockTOFoul
Michael Jordan (2 3-pts)26112152%2450%63023
James Worthy2091850%22100%72122
Vince Carter63838%000%72113
Billy Cunningham62825%22100%91014
Bob McAdoo1771450%3475%101633
Sean May0000%000%00002
UNC Totals75326946%91275%3998917

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