Thursday, April 15, 2021

DBacks Surprise, Braves Disappoint and Injury Leads to Unlikely St. Louis Hero

We wrapped up Round 4 of our Staris-Pro NL season, with the No. 3 and 4 starting pitchers going for the second time in our season.

Interestingly the biggest disappointment of the season is the Atlanta Braves at 6-12. They have started a bit slow in the regular season as well, but their cards seem very strong so I assume they rebound in both.

The one team doing much better in the game than in real life are the Arizona DBacks at 15-9. While this is way out of line with their real season so far, they have put up.some huge run totals recently in real games so we will see if they take off in the real game (tough with the Padres and Dodgers in their division).

One note of interest to.other Statis-Pro players may be the Cardinals unlikely heros in the second game shown - outfielder Justin Williams and pitcher Carlos Martinez, who often would not play.

A z-play injury on a collision between O'Neill and DeJong in the first game put Carpenter and a Wilson in the game for the 3nd of game 1 and all if game 2. Since we use projected stats and thus don't have fluke cards, we don't use injury factors- just leave the players out for the rest if the series.

Williams drew a walk at the end of the first game after the injury put the game, then went 4 of 4 in the second game with homer and a walk off 2-run double in the bottom of the 9th.

That rally was only needed because lock down closer was victimized by an error and clutch batting (bd) 3-run homer that chased him from the game with 0 outs in the 9th. That left emergency pitcher Carlos Martinez to the game, and by getting the last 3 outs he kept the score at 5-4 and received credit for the winafter the rally for a 6-5 game.

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