Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Statis-pro baseball reader questions, and playing covid hampered Nats

In response to a couple of good questions via email in response to the Statis-Pro Baseball game, we played the Nats next 2-game series against the Giants.

The reader asked if we could update the projected player cards by team. We did that when we made them, but logistically we can't keep up with moves. However, we periodically go to the teams depth chart and if we are missing a key player go look with our cards for their last team. 

If we still can't find one - like with three Nats who didn't play last year, then we doniur best to estimate their OPS (or ERA for pitchers) and use the fringe player chart pictured with the three missing Nats if they were to play.

The Nats actually did finally start their real season despite still missing numerous players due to covid contact tracing. In our games Yaz homered off Scherzer to lead a Giants 5-1 upset, the singled and scored on Longoria's homer in the 2nd game to make it 2-0.

However, Strasburg and the new great bullpen allowed nothing else, and the killer top 3 in the Nats lineup 10 of their first 12 times for a 8-2 win.

The win improves the Nats to 10-8 and drops the Giants to 6-12.

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