Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Rare Speed AA in Mets-Padres Showdown

 It was fun to see the rare On-base running (OBR) A, stealing-speed (SP) AA for Villar. Not many like that any more, the figure Rickey Henderwon basically invented for Statis-Pro and then went one step further with AAA. Villar bats 8th, but went 5 of 7. The last full season he stole 40 bases and he once stole 62, in a sport that largely gave up on the steal.

The Mets pulled out two hard-fought wins against the Padres to move into first place. If the playoffs started today in our Statis-Pro season, the Padres would play the Reds for the chance to play the Mets, and the Dodgers would play the DBacks for the chance to play the Brewers.

To even put the season all 10 NL teams on the grid will play each other in a series and each team will play 5 relegated teams - whether from the NL already played, or the 5 relegated from the AL.

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