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Updated Scoresheet and Value Add Basketball Instructions - UCLA 2018 & Texas 1986 Advance, 12 debut games left

We just updated our Value Add Basketball Game instructions with some new screen shots of key players as well. You can still read the entire instruction this main post for playing the free game, but here is the new beginning of the post. Now that we have the 64 women's teams in place, we also tweaked the scoresheet to show where quarters end.

Our most recent game was a 71-63 win by UCLA 2018 over USC 1994. In that game the double dimes indicate USC star center Lisa Leslie gets the ball on a 5, 7 or 8 while the UCLA star points guard Jordin Canada (20 points and 5 steals in this win) gets the ball on a 1, 6 or 7. UCLA moved up from 43rd to 35th in our updated all-time rankings, while USC dropped from 44th to 54th, but Cheryl Miller's USC team from 11 years earlier is 12th all-time. 

The 2010 Oklahoma team looked strong despite the 66-76 loss vs the first undefeated team - Texas 1986. Texas dropped from 3rd to 4th all-time due to the closer than expected loss, while Oklahoma shot up from 52nd to 45th all-time with the strong showing.

You can print out the scoresheet below in 2 pages, or open this google sheet to score a game. You do need this scoresheet to determine who gets rebounds and for the starting stats for a Value Add Basketball Games since we start players with two points and some other stats and a 20-20 score to keep the play time for the game to 30 to 45 minutes.

Choose the teams you want to play. Click on one of the following links to choose your men's team ...

... or to choose a woman's team:

We added 11 great women's teams due to more stats becoming available and us finding the coveted Texas 1985-86 stats to make that team (they actually recorded even blocked shots and steals that many did not record until years later).

On this link, Women's Great Teams - Arizona 2021 to Marquette 2019, we added Arizona 2021 (page 1), Auburn 1989 (page 2), Louisiana Tech 1987 (page 19) and LSU 2005 (page 23).

On this link, Women's Great Teams - Maryland 2006 to Stanford 2021, we added Michigan State 2005 (page 2), Notre Dame 2012 (page 8), Oklahoma 2002 (page 12), Old Dominion 1985 (page 15) and Old Dominion 1997 (page 16).

The big two changes were to the third and final - Women's Greats Hoops - Tennessee (8 of greatest 50 ever and we included 3) to Washington 2007Tennessee (8 of greatest 50 ever and we included 3) to Washington 2007 - with perhaps the greatest team ever (Texas 1986) added as well as Tennessee 1989 to give Pat Summit perhaps three of the top seven teams in the game. They are on pages 1 and 4 respectively.

4/24/2024 Note - below the dunk chart used to double check what the DUNK or STOP range are, we have added the new Advanced Jack Gohlke "Dunk Range" Rule.

We track all results - click here for all-time men's results and here for all-time women's results.

College  Basketball Reference references to player cards listed above - Caitlin Clark, Jalen Brunson, Charles Barkley, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, A'ja Wilson, Breanna Stewart, Sue Bird (her UConn teammate Diana Taurasi may have been the greatest pro), Maya Moore, Tamika Catchings, Bill Walton, Wilt Chamberlain, Larry Bird

Here are the games in our new 64 team tournament - but only the 14 games matching teams yet to play in the game. All men's teams have been played in a game.

Arizona2021Aari McDonald-8-14Louisiana Tech1988 
Auburn1989Carolyn Jones611Rutgers1988 
Colorado St.1999Becky Hammon-4-2Stanford2012 
Indiana2024MacKenzie Holmes-5-13Notre Dame2012 
Kentucky2013DeNesha Stallworth-33LSU2005 
Louisiana Tech1988Teresa Weatherspoon614Arizona2021 
Louisville2009Angel McCoughtry-5-4Old Dominion1985 
LSU2005Sylvia FowlesSeimone Augustus-6-3Kentucky2013 
Marquette2019Chloe Marotta, N Hiedeman-5-17Tennessee1989 
Maryland2006Crystal Langhorne12NC State2024 
Michigan St.2005Liz Shimek01Rutgers2005 
NC State2024Aziaha James-1-2Maryland2006 
North Carolina2007Ivory Latta-1-6Old Dominion1997 
Notre Dame2012Kylar Diggins813Indiana2024 
Ohio State1993Katie Smith13Vanderbilt2002 
Oklahoma2010Abi Olajuwon-5-19Texas1986L66-76
Oklahoma2002Stacey Dales-40Texas Tech1993 
Old Dominion1985Adrienne Goodson611Louisville2009 
Old Dominion1997Ticha Penicheiro56North Carolina2007 
Rutgers1988Sue Wicks-5-11Auburn1989 
Rutgers2005Cappie Poindexter-1-1Michigan St.2005 
Stanford2012Nnemkadi Ogwumike-22Colorado St.1999 
Tennessee1989Bridgette Gordon1217Marquette2019 
Texas1986Clarissa Davis1419Oklahoma2010WW76-66
Texas Tech1993Sheryl Swoopes-40Oklahoma2002 
UCLA2018Monique Billings-30USC1994W71-63
USC1994Lisa Leslie, Tina Thompson-30UCLA2018L63-71
Vanderbilt2002Chantelle Anderson-2-3Ohio State1993

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