Saturday, May 11, 2024

Yanks Survive J-Rod Grand Slam; Torres 11th Inning Walk-off

 Carlos Rodón pitched the Yankees to a 5-1 lead through six innings of 2-hit, 7 strikeout ball, but no sooner had he turned it over to the pen than Julio Rodríguez blasted a grand slam home run in the 7th to give the Mariners a 6-5 lead. The Yankees had to rally from behind in the bottom of the 9th, 10th and 11th innings before Gleyber Torres' 2-run walk off homer gave them the 9-8 win.

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The average score of our first six Statis-Pro games of the season was 6-3, but the Twins 14-12 win against the Astros and this 9-8 Yankees win over the Mariners makes the average score for the moment a whopping 8-6.

We took the top nine AL teams and divided them into three pods of East, South and West. The win puts the Yankees in 1st in the Eastern Pod at 2-1. Each team has two 2-game series outside their pod to go through their 4-man rotation once, then each will go through their rotation one more time in a round robin against the other two teams in the pod. Here are the mini-standings now followed by the box score from the Yankees 11 inning win.

East Pod

NY Yankees 2-1  - at Seattle (Cortes at Gilbert)

Baltimore 0-1 – host Cleveland (Kremer hosts Williams), then 2 vs Texas

Toronto 0-2 – at Seattle (Berrios at Miller), at Tampa (Kukuchi at Littell)


West Pod

Cleveland 1-0 – at Baltimore (Williams at Kremer), 2 vs Tampa (Bibee, Allen)

Minnesota 1-1 – at Houston (Paddock at Brown), at Texas (Ober at Gray)

Seattle 1-1 – host Toronto (Miller host Barrios), host NY Yankees (Gilbert host Cortes)


South Pod

Texas 1-0 – host Minnesota (Gray host Ober), 2 vs. Baltimore

Tampa 1-0 – host Toronto (Littell host Kikuchi), 2 vs Cleveland

Houston 1-2 – host Minnesota (Brown host Paddock)


After games listed, each team will play the other two teams in their pod twice each.

NY Yankees 9-8 (11 inn)1                  4      5      6          7  8  10  11  Final
NY Yankees0203001129
SeattleChtSPOPS       SP           ABRHRBIBBEB
Julio RodríguezRPCF0.841A/AAA71240sb,GS
Cal RaleighSPC0.761E/D41101 
Mitch GarverRPDH0.757E/D40002 
Ty FranceRN1b0.754E/D60110 
Jorge PolancoSP3b0.742D/C52001 
J.P. CrawfordLNSS0.736E/C50100 
Luke RaleyLPrf0.729B/B51200 
Mitch HanigerRPLF0.723E/D521012b
Josh RojasLN2b0.659B/A511012b
Totals0.196Bat  468956 
George KirbyR2'-8542253  
Austin VothR2'-40.323311  
Ryne StanekR2'-60.710011  
Tyson MillerR2'-4100001  
Gabe SpeierL4'-7100002  
Andrés MuñozR2'-9111010  
Tayler SaucedoL2'-4111000  
Trent ThorntonR2'-40.312100L 
Anthony VolpeRNSS0.71A/AA60000 
Juan SotoLP3b0.96D/B20202
Oswald PerazaRNph-3b0.703B/A12000 sb
Aaron JudgeRPRF0.954E/C50001 
Gleyber TorresRP2b0.797C/B51121gwHR
Giancarlo StantonRPDH0.776E/E51100 
Anthony RizzoLP1b0.759E/D311022b,hpb
Alex VerdugoLNCF0.745C/C33001hpb
Austin WellsLPC0.709C/C511202b
Trent GrishamLPCF0.727B/A40330sb
Jose TrevinoRNph0.648D/D10110 
Jasson DomínguezSNpr-of0.692A/B00000 
Totals0.250Bat  4091087 
Carlos RodónL2'-9621137  
Luis GilR2'-60.713321  
Caleb FergusonL4'-7012210  
Luke WeaverR2'-61.330011  
Ian HamiltonR2'-6120010  
Clay HolmesR2'-7202001W 

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