Saturday, May 11, 2024

Playoff Rematch: Slumping Astros vs. Surging Twins

Playing Statis-Pro baseball with current players can look more like the current season, or in other cases the current season, depending on if changes in a teams fortunes are due to roster changes and injuries or not.

In 2022 the World Series champion Astros were much better than the Twins (.654 to .481 winning percentage), while in 2023 the Astros had only a slight edge (.556 to .537) but then won the playoff series 3 games to 1 against the Twins, but the Twins did end their historic 18-game playoff losing streak by winning two against Toronto and then one against Houston.

However, this year the Twins have been much better - winning 16 of their last 18 games to improve .605 winning percentage while the Astros have fought through many injuries including their starting pitchers all missing about half their starts to collapse to .368 and decided if they want to buy or sell at the trade deadline.

Our Statis-Pro seasons are a bit of a "what if" since we use player cards unless they go on 60-day DL or are expected to miss at least two months, so the Astros still had a good Statis-Pro start with a 4-2 record in their opening series against the mighty Yankees, while the Twins lost to Scherzer in their debut.

We track each game here, recording the score, starting pitcher for each team and then how many earned runs they gave up and innings pitched. Each series is two games, with either the 1st and 4th best starter or 2nd and 3rd for each team, and each reliever allowed to pitch in one of the two games. Therefore you do not need as deep a team in our Statis-Pro season as you need in the real season.

1st T         Runs    2nd     TRuns   Rot          1st Pit       IP   R    2nd Pit            IP   R
Balt Cle 4thKremer  Williams  
Sea Tor 4thMiller  Berrios  
Min Tex 4thOber  Gray  
MiddleRuns2ndRunsRot1st PitIPR2nd PitIPR
TB Tor 4th/3rdLittell  Kikuchi  
2nd SerRuns2ndRunsRot1st PitIPR2nd PitIPR
Balt Tex 2ndRodriguez  Eovaldi  
Balt Tex 3rdBradish  Dunning  
Cle TB 2ndBibee  Civale  
Cle TB 3rdAllen  Pepiot  
Hou Min 2ndVerlander  Ryan  
Hou Min 3rdBrown  Paddock  
NYY Sea 2ndKirby  Kirby  
NYY Sea 3rdGilbert  Gilbert 

The Astros-Yankees series was our one early series back in February when we first made the cards, so we've updated the roster just a little, but mainly just subbing Singleton in for Abreu at 1st base. Here is their updated roster we will use for the game, and we just showed these for Minnesota 

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