Sunday, May 12, 2024

Updated results-Eligible Pitchers for Guardians at Orioles (and Happy Mother's Day!)

 The following are the Statis-Pro pitching sheets for the second game of this series. Cleveland won at home against Baltimore so the second game always competes the home-and-home so will be in Baltimore.

Notice we checked off the relievers who pitched in the first game of the series so they cannot pitch in the second game.

This will be a game between two average staters (on 4-7 means they keep the action on their card on trolls of 4-7 while the natters card has it on 2,3 or 8-12 which actually is half the combinations).

No available reliever for this game is better than 4-7 either, since the Indians used PB 2-9 Emmanuel Clase to wrap up the opener, to the batters have a chance today for some extra base hits.

As for the home fields, on deep drives Camden Yards only yields a homer on 11-25 while 26-88 is a deep fly out, so that had changed over time.

We will sort out the box score later after an insane 14-10 Orioles win over the Guardians - after leading 14-8 through 8 innings.

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