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LSU & Angel Reese Crush 2003 Purdue 89-61 to Move Up to #12 All-Time

Angel Reese stole the ball with 26 possessions (15:38) to go in the game, fed ahead to Jasmine Carson for a fast break 3-pointer (all shot rolls on the 20-sided dice are lowered one on a fast break, meaning the "5" was changed to a "4" for the 3-pointer) and LSU was off to the races with a 53-36 lead.

We knew their -1 defense and Reese' ability to steal, block shots and dominate the boards gave them a chance to shut down Purdue 2003. But as a 8-point favorite we did not expect all five LSU starters to score in double figures for a 89-61 blowout. The win was so dominant, that in our ratings and score tracker, LSU 2023 moved up form #20 all-time to #12 all-time, and Purdue 2003 dropped from #49 to #55 all-time.

If you allowed an unlimited number of teams from each school, the greatest 25 teams of all-time would probably all be from 8 schools.

Baylor, Connecticut, Louisiana Tech, Notre Dame, South Carolina,  Stanford, Tennessee and USC. However, in the game we do no more than two teams from each school except for a 3rd from UConn since they might have 10 or the top 25 teams of all time. Explanation at bottom of blog.

The other reason we try to play each team at least once is to catch any mistakes on the cards, and there were a few minor ones which you can see handwritten in the photos at the bottom. 

On the Purdue team sheet the only mistake is the possessions 32-30 at SF (Small Forward) should be played by Carol Duncan instead of Emily Helkes Sabrina Keys, who we accidentally had playing at two positions at once in the suggested rotation. Remember you can rotate the players in any order you want, but just keep to the number of possessions that match the Stamina.

Got LSU, we had no one written in to be at the power foward (PF) position from on possessions 35-31, so we have now added those possessions for Sa'Myah Smith. Also we had accidentally written in the rating of -6 based on another LSU team in the game, but actually this LSU team calculated as a +1, so one point better than the average GREAT team in the Value Add Basketball Game

We ranked Reese as the 23rd best women's college player of all time in our top 40 rankings, and she certainly looked like that in this dominant 89-61 as she was the top in points (22), field goals (10) and tied for tops in Rebounds (8) and Steals (2). This LSU team did win the title, defeating Caitlin Clark and Iowa, while this Purdue team went Elite 8 thought they had gone to the title game two years earlier.

Pos        Purdue 2003             Pts  3pt  2pt  FT  Att  Reb  Stl  Blk  Fl   Actual Stats
1-PGErika Valek11140012015'6,14.0 Pts
2-SGBeth Jones7120022025'9,8.7 Pts
3-SFLindsey Hicks2010040016'1, 7.4 Pts
4-PFShereka Wright19083471115'10,18.9 Pts
5-CMary Jo Noon8032280126'5, 11.0 Pts
Pos Pts3pt2ptFTAttRebStlBlkFl Actual Stats
1-PGSharika Webb2010011015'9,2.8 Pts
2-SGCarol Duncan3011210016'1, 1.9 Pts
3-SFMissy Taylor2010010016'3, 1.7 Pts
4-PFSabrina Keys2010020016'3,1.3 Pts
5-CEmily Heikes5021320016'0, 6.0 Pts
 13 Turnovers61224711296212 
PosLSU 2023Pts3pt2ptFTAttRebStlBlkFlActual Stats
1-PGAlexis Morris19180041015'6,15.4 Pts
2-SGAngel Reese220102282326'3,23.0 Pts
3-SFFlau'jae Johnson10050040015'10,11.0 Pts
4-PFJasmine Carson11140061035'10,8.8 Pts
5-CLaDazhia Williams10042250246'4, 9.9 Pts
PosHome BenchPts3pt2ptFTAttRebStlBlkFlActual Stats
1-PGKateri Poole7120020015'8,4.5 Pts
2-SGLast-Tear Poa2010010015'11,3.4 Pts
3-SFEmily Ward2010010015'11,0.8 Pts
4-PFSa'Myah Smith4020020216'2,4.6 Pts
5-CAmani Bartlett2010010016'3, 1.0 Pts
 11 Turnovers8933844344716

We limit schools to a max of two all-time great women's teams - otherwise Tennessee, UConn and Baylor would have about half (25) of the all-time greatest 50 teams. Tennessee had the most title of any teams before the SRS ratings really started to work in 2010 to determine how great each team is, and since then UConn has had seven of the best 10 teams in the past 25 years. Baylor is a distant second with only two of the best 10 teams in the last 25 years, but they do match UConn with 8 of the best 25 teams in the past 25 years. South Carolina is on pace to be the fourth great team with four of the greatest teams in the last few years.

Best 25 Teams Since 2010Top 10Top 25
South Carolina14
Notre Dame02

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