Sunday, May 5, 2024

6 AL Teams Eliminated, Scheduled Statis-Pro Match-ups for 9 Survivors

Because we do not use player cards of players on 60-day DL or out for the season, we will not use the injured Shane Bieber’s Statis-Pro baseball card and thus the Baltimore Orioles opening season 2-game series are:

Cleveland (Triston McKenzie) at Baltimore (Corbin Burnes) in a match-up of aces.

Cleveland (Gavin Williams) hosts Baltimore (Dean Kremer) in battle of 4th Starters.

We looked at the World Series odds after one month of play and there is a big gap between the nine top teams in the AL and the other six, so we play to play those teams in some initial series. 

The only series to date was a quick Astros vs. Yankees2-game series back on February 22, with Houston winning the first game 11-4 and then the Yankees the nightcap 4-3 in 10 innings.

We play all 2-game series with each team throwing either their 1st and 4th best pitchers or their 2nd and 3rd best, so that when one team has played more series then the other, it is still an even match.  If you look at the schedule below, the teams always throw the same spot in the rotation except for when Tampa throws their 1st and 4th starter against Toronto’s 2nd and 3rd starter.

The players cards are all in sheet form on this google sheet if you want to play yourself.

We track the games on a grid and list of match-ups on this google sheet, and below is a snapshot of what is on the sheet.

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