Monday, May 6, 2024

Updated Statis-Pro Team Sheets: Guardians Debut Upset of Orioles

The surprising Cleveland Guardians started just as surprising in Statis-Pro, behind seven innings of one run ball behind Triston McKenzie and two home runs by Ramón Laureano. A couple of Statis-Pro baseball game notes for playing including the updated team sheets at the bottom of the email.:

We included a few stats of interest in the box score - whether each player was right-handed or left-handed and a Power (P) or Normal (N) hitter. We included the key pitching figure for each player, their PB (whether the pitcher keeps it on his card with a 2-12 roll in his range or it goes to the batter).

Emmanuel Clase is a PB 2-9 (top 5% of all pitchers), the highest rating, and closed out the 5-2 win for the Guardians. Both starters were the second best, a PB2-8 (top 15%), with the Guardians Triston McKenzie beating the Orioles Corbin Burnes. No PB 2-7s (top 35%) pitched in the game. The other relievers were all PB4-7 (middle 30% and exactly half of all 2-sided rolls fall between 4 and 7).

There were no PB2-6, PB2-5 or PB2-4 pitchers.

We did also find the batters' cards were a bit hard to read so have updated the sheet of 2024 players to divide the batters into groups of 3 in the line-up for you to print out if you play.

While the Orioles lost, they kept it to a 2 games to 1 loss the way we record, meaning the losing team was within 4 runs at the end of the 8th inning. The Guardians had a chance to make it a 5-run lead and 3 games to 0 sweep credit with a 5-1 lead after scoring two off John Means in the 6th inning, but Tyler Wells saved the Orioles by getting out of the 7th and 8th with only six batters faced. Most relievers have a Max IP on their sheet of 2 innings, meaning they normally only pitch 1 inning but can come in during an inning and finish the next inning. However, Wells does have a Max IP of 3 so could pitch both innings.

Guardians 5-2                    1     2    3          4      5   6      7      8    9      
Baltimore (2)                     Cht  Pos SP         AB   R   HRBI  BB  Other
Cedric MullinsLNCFA/AA11103SB 
Gunnar HendersonLPssA/B40000 
Adley RutschmanSNCE/D30001 
Anthony SantanderSPRFD/D40100 
Ryan MountcastleRP1BD/C40100 
Ryan O'HearnLPdhD/D41110HR
Austin HaysRNcfD/C40000 
Ramón UríasRN3bD/D40000 
Jordan WestburgRN2bB/C30000 
Totals   312414 
Corbin BurnesR2'-8573314Loss
John MeansL4'-7122101 
Tyler WellsR4'-7210003 
Cleveland (5)ChtPosSPABRHRBIBBOther
José RamírezSP3bA/A40100 
Andrés GiménezLN2bA/A40220 
Josh NaylorLP1bE/C40000 
Kyle ManzardoRPDHE/D30001 
Bo NaylorLPCC/C30100 hpb
Steven KwanLNLFA/B40000 
Ramón LaureanoRNRFA/B423202HR
Brayan RocchioSNssB/C32100 hpb
Tyler FreemanRNcfB/C41200 
Totals   3351041 
Triston McKenzieR2'-8731135Win
Scott BarlowR4'-7100011 
Sam HentgesL4'-70.111100 
Emmanuel ClaseR2'-90.200000Save

Here is the updated format on the google sheet of players, once we realized the batters were hard to read. we took the info you need to review for a batter initially during his at bat and put it on the main sheet.

Then the other info such as fielding and speed once on the bases, we put on a second sheet you can just pull out as needed.

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