Saturday, May 11, 2024

Twins Shell Verlander, Hold on for 14-12 Win Despite 2 Alvarez HRs

We updated the Yankees and Astros Statis-Pro baseball rosters with just some slight updates, in order to play them both for the first time since the debuted in a 2-game series in February after we produced the 2024 projected cards for the first time. The Astros played first, traveling to Minnesota, and it turned out to be the wildest game we’ve played yet.

The Twins jumped on Justin Verlander for seven runs in 2 1/3 innings and eventually took a 10-0 lead that gave them a chance to claim a sweep if they could hold a 5-run lead through six innings and win. However, whatever the slow start this year for the real Astros, in Statis-Pro their first four hitters have cards that project an average OPS of 0.877, second only to Atlanta in our game.

1.            Atlanta                .890

2.            Houston              .877

3.            LA Dodgers        .876

4.            NY Yankees       .855

5.            Philadelphia     .825

5.            Texas                    .825

The Astros slugged their way all the way back to a 10-9 score before eventually losing 14-12 in by far our highest scoring game of the season so far.

We play 2-game series in which each reliever can only pitch one of two games, so the second game of this series could see a lot of PB 2-4 pitching (worst rating, pitcher only keeps the action on his card while a 5-12 goes to the batters’ card and thus can result in an extra base hit.

Hunter Brown will start for the Astros and if they can get to the 9th will have PB2-9 (highest rating) Josh Hader available, but with Brown only able to go a max of 6 innings they will have trouble bridging as the only other relievers have the lowest rating (PB 2-4).

Chris Paddock will start the second game and can only go a maximum of 5 innings and have PB2-6 (below average but decent) Simeon Woods Richardson (who can go 2 innings) and Jay Jackson, as well as PB2-5 Jay Jackson, before they would need to go to PB2-4 (the lowest rated pitcher in relief).

Minnesota 14-12    1     4    5      6        7   8  9  10  11  Final
HoustonChtPos  OPS    SP         ABRHRBIBBEB
Kyle TuckerLPRF0.877A/AA52101 
Jose AltuveRP2b0.819B/B61120HR
Yordan AlvarezLPDH0.988E/D533302-HR
Alex BregmanRP3b0.823D/D42201 
Yainer DiazRPC0.776E/D42310hpb
Chas McCormickRPCF0.760B/B50000E
Jon SingletonLN1b0.754E/D51200 
Jeremy PeñaRNSS0.714B/B51230HR
Jake MeyersRNLF0.699B/C40100 
Totals0.349   43121592 
Justin VerlanderR2'-72.367533L 
Spencer ArrighettiR2'-60.712201  
Rafael MonteroR2'-60.722221  
J.P. FranceR4'-71.100010  
Bennett SousaL2'-5110001  
Bryan AbreuR2'-7002220  
Ryan PresslyR2'-8111101  
Brandon BielakR2'-4100000  
Byron BuxtonRPDH0.796A/A421012b
Carlos CorreaRPSS0.784E/E41101E
Max KeplerLPRF0.77C/C51220HR
Edouard JulienLN2b0.755C/C42120E,HR
Ryan JeffersRPC0.741D/D41001 
Carlos SantanaSN1b0.721E/C31102 
Trevor LarnachLNLF0.709D/D512202b
Kyle FarmerRN3B0.682D/D43320HR
Willi CastroSNCF0.697A/AA22132 
Totals0.343   351412117 
Joe RyanR2'-85.375406W 
Caleb ThielbarL4'-70.712200  
Louie VarlandR4'-70.323311  
Brock StewartR2'-8122210  
Griffin JaxR4'-70.700000  
Jhoan DuranR2'-9110002S 

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