Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Bellinger and Snell Best Free Agents Landed - All Statis-Pro Cards to Land with Teams Shown

We went through the 2024 Statis-Pro players who were free agents when we calculated those sheets, but are not on a team. The are now sorted and with their team on this link to all cards in sheet form.

Below are the players assigned today with some of the columns shown. Here are the pitchers first, in alphabetical order by team. Explaining the columns below:

Jordan Montgomery - now pitches for Arizona (Ari) and is left-handed (L). We recommend he is 3rd in the teams rotation (Rot 3) and has the second best PB rating (2-8). His endurance (SR15) allows him to give up a total of 15 of any of the following before running out of endurance and having his PB reduced for every subsequent allowed - subtract one of the 15 for every hit, hit by pitch and walk (and then a second number reduced for anyone who reaches one of those three ways and then scores) as well as 1 every time he is pitching and the inning ends. His Max IP is 7 - meaning that even if his 15 has not run out he runs out of endurance at the end of the 7th inning. His projected ERA is 3.89.

Jesse Chavez - And Atlanta right-handed reliever, who has the average PB (4-7) and instead of SR has an RR of 3, meaning he can allow only that many before getting tired. While his Max IP is 2, for relievers that is one higher than they usually pitch - they are just allowed to pitch in part of two inning if they come into one inning after runners are on base and conclude it as one of their innings. For relievers we list letters, and the D under Rotation for him means we suggest him as the 4th best reliever.

All these pitchers are now in red on the google sheet.
Team  Pitcher now on team      Th  Rot  PB      SR   RR   Max IP   ERA
AriJordan MontgomeryL32'-815073.89
AtlJesse ChavezRd4'-70324.31
BosLiam HendriksRh2'-70223.62
ChWMike ClevingerR22'-714064.69
KCRZach DaviesRE4'-714065.09
MilColin ReaR42'-710654.53
PhiDavid BuchananR62'-79044.80
PitEric LauerL64'-714064.69
PitDomingo GermánR72'-714074.32
SEARyne StanekRE2'-60324.13
SFGBlake SnellL22'-813073.52
 Average top 500 14'-76434.22

For the batters we will run through the column for the best free agent card assigned to a team - Cody Bellinger who ended up back with the Cubs. The "4" to the left indicates we suggest hitting him in the No. 4 spot (LU is line-up and 4).  He is a left-handed power hitter (LP) and his sheet gives him the standard platoon of 13/88 meaning he strikes out on 11-13 against a lefty but turns and out into a single on 88 when facing a right-handed pitcher.

He has a strong home run range of 27-33 on the 11-88 random number. All players then have three additional numbers that are DEEP drives that might go out - so we know those are 34-36 on his card. He does not have a ton of walks or hit by pitch - 51-54 and 55 - but does have very good speed at B/B - the first number being for taking and extra base on a hit and the second for stealing a base. His projected OPS is 0.770, and he can play 1st base (1B) or centerfield (CF) and has the best clutch defense of all (CD 5, CD 1 is the worst) and his throwing arm is the best at T5 and commits the fewest errors (E1). 

A 10 indicates we do not recommend starting the batter, while a 14 means the player was actually on the team's minor league roster when we checked, but we believe they will play this season.
LU Team  Batter                    Bats  HR     W        HPB   OBR/SPOPS      Fielding
8AriKolten WongLN27-3146-5253-55B/C0.7072b, CD-2, E5
7AtlAdam DuvallRP22-2865-6768-68C/C0.741CF, RF, CD-1, E5, T2
14AtlYuli GurrielRN33-3543-4647-47C/D0.7241b, CD-2, E4
4ChCCody BellingerLP27-3351-5455-55B/B0.7701b, CF, CD-5, E1, T5
6CHWRobbie GrossmanSN21-2348-6263-64C/C0.702LF, CD-1, E5, T2
7CHWTommy PhamRN23-2652-5861-61B/A0.727LF, CD-1, E5, T2
14CHWZach RemillardRN24-2755-6162-65B/B0.6112b, CD-4, E3
14CleMyles StrawRN32-3245-5354-53A/A0.636CF, CD-5, E1, T5
7DetGio UrshelaRN34-3653-5455-55D/D0.7381b, 3b, CD-2, E4
10LADKevin PillarRN23-2648-4851-52B/C0.690LF, CD-4, E2, T4
9MiaTim AndersonRN32-3353-5354-54B/B0.686SS, CD-1, E7
6MilGary SánchezRP18-2557-6566-67E/D0.724C, CD-2, E3, TC
10MINTony KempLF28-3135-4344-45A/B0.6912b, LF, CD-4, E3
5NYMJ.D. MartinezRP22-2758-6465-65E/D0.767DH
14NYYGreg AllenSN15-1446-6263-62A/E0.651LF, RF, CD-3, E3, T3
7PhiWhit MerrifieldRN32-3346-4748-48B/A0.6742b, LF, CD-2, E5
9PitMichael A. TaylorRN24-2863-6667-67B/B0.673CF, CD-5, E1, T5
4SFGMatt ChapmanRP23-2761-7172-73D/C0.7653b, CD-5, E3
10SFGNick AhmedRN24-2548-5354-54B/C0.638SS, CD-4, E4
7TBRAmed RosarioRN31-3246-4647-47A/B0.708SS, CD-1, E7
10TORJoey VottoLP21-2555-6667-68E/E0.7111b, CD-1, E5
2WasJesse WinkerLN22-2442-5556-57E/D0.746DH
10WasEddie RosarioLN24-2747-5152-52C/C0.715LF, CD-1, E5, T2

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