Thursday, May 9, 2024

Last 3 Statis-pro teams to debut - Blue Jays, Mariners and Rays

 I have the visiting Mariners (left sheets) with Luis Castillo pitching and Julio Rodriguez leading off against the Blue Jays (middle) who will have No. 2 pitcher Chris Bassitt pitching and Bo Bichette leading off.

On deck (right) the Blue Jays will start Zach Eflin against the Blue Jays ace Kevin Gausman, with Jose Caballero leading off. After these two games all 9 teams we are using in our AL season of projected Statis-pro cards (in sheet form) will have played a game.

But below it note that for the actual game I put the Toronto pitcher in the game above the sheet of Seattle batters, and vice versa. I also do this on the scoresheet to more easily tally the pitchers stats while looking at the batters above it.

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