Monday, May 6, 2024

Set-up and All You Need for 1st Statis-Pro Game.

 Here is the setup using our 2024 Statis-Pro sheets of teams and players instead of cards. You do need to print out pages 8-13 of these Statis-Pro instructions if you do not have a Statis-Pro Game. If you do not have Fast Action Cards, you need two 8-sided dice of different colors, two traditional 6-sided diced and a 20-sided die. (you can search and buy both on-line from various sources, but use dice in the meantime).

This is the next game on our schedule - Cleveland at Baltimore, but you can pick any MLB teams or the International Teams of the same players.  Deep drives in the first game at Baltimore will be homers on 11-25 and in the second game at Cleveland on 11-36. Gosh I remember when all deep drives went out of Baltimore.

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