Thursday, May 23, 2024

Midwest Bracket - Tournament of Greatest Women's Teams In History

Here are the debut games in our all-time great Midwest bracket:

8-seed Michigan State 2005 vs. 9-seed Rutgers 2005

4-seed Notre Dame 2012 vs. 13-seed Indiana 2024

7-seed Ohio State 1993 vs. 10-seed Vanderbilt 2002

2-seed Tennessee 1989 vs. 15-seed Marquette 2019 

Midwest                                         Seed             Player(s)                                             
Tennessee 2007, 1-01Candace Parker
Purdue 2003, 0-116Shereka Wright
Rutgers 2005, 0-09Cappie Poindexter
Michigan St. 2005, 0-08Liz Shimek (cards being made)
Iowa 2024, 1-05Caitlin Clark
Minnesota 2004, 0-112Lindsay Whalen
Indiana 2024, 0-013MacKenzie Holmes
Notre Dame 2012, 0-04Kylar Diggins (cards being made)
Notre Dame 2018, 3-13Arike Ogunbowales
Ohio State 2016, 0-114Kelsey Mitchell
Notre Dame 2001, 1-011Ruth Riley
Texas A&M 2011, 0-16Danielle Adams
Ohio State 1993, 0-07Katie Smith
Vanderbilt 2002, 0-010Chantelle Anderson
Marquette 2019, 0-0 won 68-6415Chloe Marotta, Natisha Hiedeman
Tennessee 1989, 0-02Bridgette Gordon (cards being made)

The outline for how we got here is below:

We found complete stats for one of the best few women's basketball teams in history, the Texas Longhorns 1985-86 undefeated national champs. This holiday weekend we plan to produce eight new all-time great women's teams which will give us a set of 64 - the perfect number for a new Value Add Basketball Game tournament.

The 64 teams we have selected for the game were chosen on the following basis:

If a team had one of these players we list as the greatest 40 college players of all time, then that team is in the game.

In addition, these 50 teams we rank as the best of all time are in the game EXCEPT when a team has several of the top 50 teams over the course of a few years, we just keep one of the teams so no player is on more than one team.

In addition to those teams, we took the best team from some other very strong programs.

Finally, I took a point of personal preference of two teams I used to watch in person - the first Marquette team to beat UConn and the first Auburn team to beat Tennessee.

I broke down the 64 teams into the four regular March Madness regions - East, South, Midwest and West - and seeded them based basically on these current rankings I keep for my game - but I tweaked a bit to line up seeds so that the teams I have yet to use in the game play each other first - so every 0-0 team is playing another 0-0 team until all teams have played once in order to catch any mistakes on any cards. 

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