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Twins Lopez Great but Scherzer Better w/ 12K, 2 H Gem, but 2 Pinch-runners Pull off Win

After aces dueled for eight innings, the speed of two Texas Rangers pinch runners gave them a 4-2 winning the 9th. Key notes for playing the Statis-Pro Game:

1. Speed on Bases Saves Rangers. For games played in 2023 or later speed is much more important, with the same stolen base charts used but any time the runner would be caught stealing on an ODD random number, he holds his base as well, and runners take extra bases much easier on hits due to bases being larger and closer together. The updated charts will be added below, but in this game that was key.

Max Scherzer left with a 2-1 lead after 7 brilliant innings allowing only 2 base-runners on a single and a homer, while striking out 12. However, Carlos Santana greeted reliever Kirby Yates with a homer in the bottom of the 8th to tie the score 2-2 and it took two pinch-runners to get the Rangers the win.

The Rangers finally took the lead in the top of the 7th when Nathaniel Lowe walked and with his E/D on-base running and speed, the fastest player on the team Travis Jankowski (A/A) came in as a pinchrunner, stole second base then scored on a Jonah Heim double for a 2-1 lead. In the top of the 9th another slow Ranger, Corey Seager (E/D) walked and Ezequiel Duran (B/C) came in as a pinchrunner. The problem was the light-hitting Jankowski was still in the game but he delivered with a single, and when Duran rounded and made it to third base, Jankowski took third base (the secondary base advance is a 11-38 for an OBR:A, 11-28 for B, and 11-18 for C). Adolis García's RBI sac fly made it 3-2, and Josh H. Smith added a double for the 4-2 win.

2. Deepest Drive Caught. Wyatt Langford almost gave the Rangers the lead in the 6th with a DEEP drive on his card that would have been way out if this were the game in Texas with the 11-64 home run range for deep drives, but his "37" was "caught over the all" in Minnesota where the range is 11-36.

3. Explaining the two aces. Minnesota's Pablo López projects as a PB2-9, the highest pitchers rating, so apparently has ace stuff and while not as dominant as Scherzer, went 6.2 innings allowing only 2 runs, though he was not as dominant with 6 hits and 2 walks allowed.

Scherzer was starting because Jacob deGrom is out for the season after throwing 12 shutout innings in the real season before being shut down. Scherzer is also injured in the real season, but because he is expected to return within two months - the line we set - we do use his cards for the defending World Series champs.

Note from the photos further down that we did also change the layout with boundaries  so you could better see the sheets of players when printing them out, so we believe you will find it much easier to play games now as you can see from the photo of our game setup. We also keep the pitcher of one team that is in the game just visible above the batters for the other team for easier play.

Rangers 4-2                     1          2       3  4  56  7    8  9     
Texas (4)                       Cht       SP ABRHRBIBBEB
Wyatt LangfordDHB/B 40000 
Marcus Semien2bB/B 41200sb
Corey SeagerSSE/D 20102 
Ezequiel Duranpr-SSB/C 01000 
Nathaniel Lowe1bE/D 20001 
Travis Jankowskipr-1bA/A 12100sb
Adolis GarcíaRFB/B 301202b,sf
Josh H. Smith3bB/C 40101sb
Jonah HeimCD/D 402002b,sf
Leody TaverasCFA/B 40000 
Evan CarterLFB/B 30000 
Totals0.258Bat 314824 
Max ScherzerR2'-87211012 
Kirby YatesR4'-7111102Win
Josh SborzR2'-7100000Save
Minnesota (2)ChtSP ABRHRBIBBEB
Byron BuxtonDHA/A 40000 
Carlos CorreaSSE/E 40000 
Max KeplerRFC/C 41110HR
Edouard Julien2bC/C 30100 
Ryan JeffersCD/D 300003k
Carlos Santana1bE/C 31110HR
Trevor LarnachLFD/D 40000 
Kyle Farmer3BD/D 300003k
Willi CastroCFA/AA 40000 
Totals0.094Bat 322320 
Pablo LópezR2'-96.262222 
Brock StewartR2'-81.120000 
Jhoan DuranR2'-80.122210Loss
Caleb ThielbarL2'-70.200002

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