Friday, May 24, 2024

UCLA-USC Then 183-0 Texas vs. Olajuwan's Daugher

Everyone, especially those in Texas, know attention firmly shifts to baseball on Memorial Day.

But a Texas flavor for hoops as we found detailed stats for perhaps the greatest women's basketball team ever in the undefeated national champion 1986 Texas Longhorns who as our all-time 1-seed in the west will draw the 16-seed Oklahoma 2010 team featuring Hakeem Olajuwan's daughter Abi Olajuwan. 

We currently rank Texas as 3rd all-time and a 19-point favorite against Oklahoma - the 53rd ranked team in the game. The Longhorns were in the midst of winning 183 straight Southwest Conference games.

The other half of the double header to kick off our all-time tournament that will mainly be played last year is the perfect 8- vs 9- western matchup with the 2018 UCLA Ladies ranked 43rd in our game and facing the 1994 USC Lady Trojans ranked just one spot behind them at 44th of all-time great teams in our game.

We will have a big Statis-Pro NL update shortly for our baseball fans, but here is the 16 vs. 1 match-up for the Value Add Basketball Game Value Add Basketball Game tonight.


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