Sunday, August 22, 2021

Statis-Pro Baseball Wrap 5 Series Left - And Links if You Want to Play

With the Major League Baseball pennant races heating up, you can catch up on rosters or play your own Statis-Pro mini season to see how the season stacks up. We are in the stretch run for our seasons with the NL season being played out of Alabama and the AL season by my best friend in Montana (we first rotated Statis-Pro leagues in 1980).  We track our league bracket on this google sheet, and included a snap shot of the grid of games played and still remaining through the playoffs.

In addition to listing our Statis-Pro standings here at the 78-game mark, we compared each team to their actual record at the 78-game mark of the MLB season. Washington and Cincinnati have the exact same records they had after 78 games this season, Chicago and Milwaukee are one game better in Statis-Pro, making 4 of 10 teams within one game of their actual record. Four more teams are within 3 to 5 games of their actual record at the 78-game mark. That leaves only two of 10 that have been quite a bit different, with the Padres 7 games worse in Statis-Pro then their actual 78-game mark, and the Giants (the team that has shocked everyone) are 12 games worse in Statis-Pro then their actual season, so two of 10 outliers. We have found our rule about counting blowouts as 3-game sweeps and other wins as two games to one sweep makes the record more accurate when playing shorter seasons, since a team has a 14% chance of sweeping a 3-game series and a 14% chance of winning by at least 5 runs (see league rule below), but this is purely our fun rule and you do not need to play it in your games.

The following runs through the league rules we use, but none of these are mandatory.

League Rules

·         We play using the Statis-Pro 2021 Projected Cards and rules on that same link.

·         Change cards if they change teams, and use all players unless they on on 60 day DL or missing 2 months.

·         Adjust any batters here or pitchers here for players who had huge changes in OPS or ERA from the projections on which the Statis-Pro cards were based.

·         Pick 4 starting pitchers (list as A, B, C, D) and try to match the same place in the rotation for two teams playing, but if the two teams have played a different number of games then you can pitch the A & D starter for one team vs. the other team's B & C starter.

·         All 2-game series, and each reliever can pitch 1 of 2 games in each series.

·         The Montana league (NL this year) counts each game as a typical game.

·         The Alabama league (AL this year) plays each game counts as a 3 game series with wins awarded:

·         Typically the winning team is credited with winning 2 games to 1 for that game, but sweeps if both:

o   Winning team was ahead by at least 5 runs at the end of the 8th inning.

o   Winning team also did not use the card for whichever reliever card had the best ERA in the 1st 8 innings.

·         We played a couple of interleague series earlier in the year, but changed them to exhibitions for balanced schedules.

·         This year we had time for all 15 NL teams to play the other 14 teams in one two game series each.

·         We relegated 5 teams and broke the other 10 into 2 divisions, so each team can play each division foe again.

·         At that point each remaining NL team will have completed 18 two-game series, counting as 108 games.

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