Monday, August 23, 2021

Statis-pro AL Set for Fantastic Finish

 We poised for a fantastic finish in the Statis-Pro American League. The AL is played in Montana this year while our previous blog covered the NL being played in Alabama. 

After all the trades, it is still about the returning injured players. The White Sox just got two huge outfielders back from the 60-day IL.

The big question might be which dominant pitchers will return to impact the race?

Boston already has Chris Sale back, will the Rays get Tyler Glasnow back?  Or the Yankees get Luis Severino or Cory Kluber back?

The Red Sox and Yankees continue to battle for the division lead in the east. (means a first round bye in this format)

Meanwhile the Rays have finally gotten above .500 and are trying to move up in the wildcard seedings.

Out west, the Astros (with a revamped bullpen) maintain the best record but the White Sox are gaining ground.

However, the Angels and A’s picked a bad time to go into a tailspin, each losing 5-straight and opening the door for that final spot.

As for the individual awards, the Cy Young is just as wide open as the playoff chase.  There still is no clear leader.

There are three strong contenders for the MVP, with Alex Verdugo of the Red Sox, Alex Bregman of the Astros, and Gleyber Torres of the Yankees.

Here are the standings and individual statistics with 35-games in the books. Note while the NL standings appear to be further into the season, that is because that season is played which each game as a 3-game series while the standings below are based on each game counting as one game. Also keep in mind these AL teams have tougher schedules since they play none of the 5 relegated AL teams. The NL teams won .599 of their games against relegated teams.

AL “East”

Boston               22-13

New York          21-14

Tampa Bay       18-17

Cleveland         15-19

Toronto             14-20


AL “West”        

Houston            23-12

Chicago             21-14

Los Angeles      17-18

Oakland            15-20

Minnesota       11-24



LeMahieu, NY  (48-147)             .327

Verdugo, Bos   (51-157)             .325

Arraez, Min      (36-111)             .324


Hits  (35 games)

Verdugo, Bos   51

LeMahieu, NY  48

Engel, Chi          45


Extra Base Hits (2B, 3B, HR)

Verdugo, Bos   (13, 1, 12)         26

Bregman, Hou (11, 1, 10)         22

Devers, Bos      (13, 0, 9)            22


Home Runs

Verdugo, Bos   12

Abreu, Chi        11

Arozarena, TB 11

Four tied at      10


Runs Batted In

Arozarena, TB 31

Torres, NY        30

Verdugo, Bos   29


Runs Scored

Verdugo, Bos   33

Anderson, Chi 30

Torres, NY        29


Earned Run Average

Quintana, LA    5-1        2.21      (8 starts)

Ray, Tor             5-1        2.41      (8 starts)

Rodriguez,Bos 5-3        2.48      (9 starts)


Relief Man                      Sv-Opp

R.Igesias, LA     0-0        11-11

Pressly, Hou     1-1        11-13

Barnes, Bos      0-1        11-13


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